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For Today Plato: The Republic - [excerpt]

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The Son's Aleatory Identity in Today's World - [excerpt]

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What is to Live? from Logiques des mondes - [excerpt]

Hegel, Kant, Lacan from Logiques des mondes - [excerpt]

35 Propositions from Logiques des mondes

Towards a New Concept of Existence - [excerpt]

The Question of Democracy - [excerpt]

The Formulas of the Real

Drawing - [excerpt]

The Formulas of L'étourdit - [excerpt]

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Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art

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The Scene of Two

The Political as a Truth Procedure

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Highly Speculative Reasoning on the Concept of Democracy

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: Videos:
Philosophy as Biography
Abreu Gallery, NYC 11/14/2007

Some Remarks Concerning Marcel Duchamp
Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC 11/14/2007

Truth Procedures in Politics
Abreu Gallery, NYC 11/18/2006

Truth Art as a Place for Politics
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn 11/16/2006

Truth Procedure in Art
Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC 11/17/2006

On Anxiety
The Drawing Center, NYC 03/08/2006

La logique des mondes
audio - France-Culture, Paris 04/28/2006

Speaking the Unspeakable
complete video - Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC 03/07/2006

The Subject of Art
complete video - Deitch Projects, NYC 04/01/2005

The Subject of Art
audio - Deitch Projects, NYC 04/01/2005

On Derrida

On Beckett

On the Construction of a Truth


Miguel Abreu Gallery / Tilton Gallery lectures: November 2008
"Is the Word Communism Forever Doomed?" and "Figures of Subjective Destiny: Samuel Beckett"

Miguel Abreu Gallery / Tilton Gallery lectures: November 2007
"Philosophy as Biography" and "Some Remarks Concerning Marcel Duchamp"

Miguel Abreu Gallery lecture: November 17/2006
"Truth procedure in Politics"

Jack Tilton Gallery lecture: March 7/2006
"Art's Imperative: Speaking the Unspeakable"

Deitch Projects lecture: April 1/2005
"The Subject of Art"

The Drawing Center lecture: December 4/2004
"Fifteen theses on contemporary art"

Deitch Projects lecture: November 30/2000
"Art and Philosophy"


Is the Word "Communism" Forever Doomed?

On Communism

On a Finally Objectless Subject

Figures of Subjective Destiny: Samuel Beckett - FULL TEXT

Philosophy as Biography

The Dimensions of Art - on Udi Aloni's film Forgiveness

Some Remarks Concerning Marcel DUchamp

Destruction, Negation, Subtraction - on Pier Paolo Pasolini

The Contemporary Figure of the Soldier in Politics and Poetry

The Uses of the Word "Jew"

Bodies, Language Truths

Lacan and the Pre-Socratics

Philosophy as Creative Repetition

What is a Philosophical Institution?

Eight Theses on the Universal

The Desire for Philosophy and the Contemporary World

De la dialectique négative dans sa connexion ˆ un certain bilan de Wagner - premire séance

De la dialectique négative dans sa connexion ˆ un certain bilan de Wagner - deuxime séance

The Adventure of French Philosophy

Panorama de la philosphie franaise contemporaine

Huit Thèses sur l'Universel

L'aveu du philosophe

Notes sur Le Dernier des Hommes

A Conversation with Alain Badiou

Interview with Alain Badiou (Spanish)

The Subject of Art in The Symptom 6

Behind the Scarfed Law, There is Fear

Notes sur Le Dernier des hommes

One Divides Into Two

Las ideas existen y tienen poder