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for lacan.com readers top 20 list.
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Fall 2000 lacan dot com readers top 20
acsr: amazon.com sales rank

1. The Ticklish Subject
   by Slavoj Zizek, Verso Books.
   acsr: 28,763

2. Deleuze: The Clamor of Being
   by Alain Badiou,
   Univ. of Minnesota Pr.
   acsr: 259,077

3. On Feminine Sexuality, The Limits
   of Love and Knowledge: Encore

   by Jacques Lacan, WW Norton.
   acsr: 54,768

4. Black Sun
   by Julia Kristeva,
   Columbia Univ. Pr.
   acsr: 76,150

5. Desire Unlimited: The Cinema
   of Pedro Almodovar

   by Paul Julian Smith.
   Verso Books.
   acsr: 851,770

6. The Cultures of Globalization
   by Frederic Jameson,
   Duke University Press.
   acsr: 3,235

7. The Plague of Fantasies
   by Slavoj Zizek (Ed.), Verso Books.
   acsr: 88,347

8. Lacan for Beginners
   by Phillip Hill & David Leach,
   Writers & Readers.
   acsr: 27,082

9. Riot in the Charm Factory
   by Todd Colby,
   Consortium Books.
   acsr: 443,923

10. Totality and Infinity:
    An Essay on Exteriority

    by Emmanuel Levinas,
    Kluwer Academic Pub.
    acsr: 1,125,193

11. The Sublime Object of Ideology
    by Slavoj Zizek (Ed.),
    Verso Books.
    acsr: 56,359

12. ƒcrits: A Selection
    by Jacques Lacan, WW Norton.
    acsr: 48,921

13. Psychoanalysis with Children
    by Leonard Rodriguez,
    Free Assn. Books.
    acsr: NA

14. The Four Fundamental Concepts
    of Psychoanalysis, Book XI

    by Jacques Lacan, WW Norton.
    acsr: 44,514

15. Ulysses
    by James Joyce,
    Modern Library.
    acsr: 7,280

16. High Fidelity
    by Nick Hornby.
    acsr: 3,859

17. De la Psychose
    parano•que dans ses rapports
    avec la personalitŽ

    by Jacques Lacan,
    Paris: Seuil.
    acsr: NA

18. Topologia del moderno
    by Vincenzo Vitiello,
    acsr: OOP

19. The Arcades Project
    by Walter Benjamin,
    acsr: 9,384

20. The Purloined Poe: Lacan,
    Derrida and Psychoanalytic Reading

    Johns Hopkins Univ Pr.
    acsr: 774,733