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for lacan.com readers top 20 list.

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Fall-Winter 2002-2003 lacan dot com readers top 20

1.  Endgame
    by Scott Ritter,
    Simon & Schuster, 2002.

2.  Pipe Dreams:
    Greed, Ego and the Death of Enron

    by Robert Bryce, Molly Ivins,
    Public Affairs, 2002.

3.  The Emerging Democratic Majority
    by John B. Judis, Ruy Teixeira,
    Scribner, 2002.

4.  Skipping Toward Gomorrah:
    The Seven Deadly Sins and
    the Pursuit of Happiness in America

    by Dan Savage,
    E.P. Dutton, 2002.

5.  Wealth and Democracy:
    Political History of the American Rich

    by Kevin Phillips,
    Broadway Books, 2002.

6.  The Art of War
    by Sun Tzu,
    Oxford, 1984.

7.  Step Across This Line:
    Collected Non-Fiction 1992-2002

    by Salman Rushdie,
    Random House, 2002.

8.  Dominion
    by Matthew Scully,
    Saint Martin's Press, 2002.

9.  The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot,
    And Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It

    by John Miller, Michael Stone,
    Hyperion, 2002.

10. Alain Badiou: Strong Thought
    by Jason Barker,
    Pluto Press, 2002.

11. Nietzche Beyond Good and Evil:
    Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future

    by Rolf-Peter Horstmann (intro.),
    Cambridge, 2001.

12. Invasion:
    How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals
    and other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

    by Michelle Malkin,
    Regnery Pub., 2002.

13. Consciousness and Language
    by John R. Searle,
    Cambridge, 2002.

14. War on Irak: What Team Bush
    Doesn't Want You to Know

    by William Rivers Pitt, Scott Ritter,
    Context Books, 2002.

15. Essential Wallerstein
    by Immanuel Wallerstein,
    New Press, 2000.

16. The Natural History of the Rich:
    A Field Guide

    by Richard Conniff
    W.W. Norton, 2002.

17. The Rage and the Pride
    by Oriana Fallaci,
    Rizzoli, 2002.

18. The Hydrogen Economy:
    the Creation of the World-Wide Energy Web
    and the Redistribution of Power on Earth

    by Jeremy Rifkin,
    J.P. Tarcher, 2002.

19. Fast Food Nation:
    the Dark Side of the All-American Meal

    by Eric Schlosser,
    Harper Collins, 2002.

20. The Divine Right of Capital:
    Dethroning the Corporate Aristocracy

    by Marjorie Kelly
    Berrett-Koehler, 2001.


Spring-Summer 2002 lacan dot com readers top 20