w - 11/27/04 20:57:23 EST
You seem to want to know so many personal details, I wasn't going for a job interview I thought. And as for lacanian analysis , Well I just spent alot of money finding out about rewards and punishment and how I couldn't seem to implement any of these effectively and along comes along NVC and throws al that out the window after I felt so frustrated. Maybe that could've been avoide with a lacanian. But maybe almost all of you are crazy anyway. That would be risky for us as my father was diagnosed with bipolar and never seemed to find the analyst he needed. So money, just have to pretend it is invaluable or not. Dinng that number again? It would be nice to have company with others who are not normalizable too. Tat sounds so stupid. I hav'nt had much time to read. And you should see the way I read. not very systematic. That's why I couldn't finish school. But I take some big chunks out with razor sharp teeth. I am trying to fit the image of one tat captivates my 7 yr old so much. Maybe then he will listen too me. It is lonely here. My mother had a dream a me in a garden lying down on some kinda swing her mother used to have. I had "escaped" i was smiling with apaper open in my hands (at her) and there were lots of books around me. Then again I think she's afraid I might be too witchy. She occilates between not trusting me as thogh I were a different breed and ... Bye

w - 11/27/04 13:32:34 EST
I am the muther. And ahile ago I think it was some ***** accusing me again of my childcare style and now I can't find the trail where she was.

The Real - 11/25/04 20:43:21 EST
I mean ASS

The Real - 11/25/04 20:42:45 EST
get off your arse and feed the kid

w - 11/24/04 19:42:44 EST
What a complicated question. And my kid is hungry starving.

Xena - 11/24/04 17:24:14 EST
interesting concept w, paid for being analysed. I don't think you will get many analysts here who are making so much money, or they might be elsewhere spending it! What kind of work are you thinking of, and what is your interest in Lacanian analysis as opposed to other therapies?

w - 11/24/04 13:47:37 EST
I don't know whway he hell is goin on and all the copiters are strobing hera. Computers that is. And my sister isn pissed off and got me at gunpoint over *8000 and I just wanted a loan from the kids college fund for awhile. I told her I think I will soon be earning some money somehow, that it's not just a fantasy but until she sees any proof she is wanting to strait jacket me. YThe story of my life you wanted. She has no clues how I will earn any money and I;m not ginving any away. I don't know either when or how or if I get payed. Well Maybe I should be (shoe on the other foot ) paid for be ing analysed by some cooks who may or may not be rolling in dough. Iy's just a crazy Idea. And my checkbook, I can't find it in my house and in the wee hours I stacatto tune from a siren woke me while I was dreaming about large wooden soft colored friut on a tray. Made in Russia. So watch out be cause I have new age friends an d I am psychotic? But not too violent. A kiss

$ - 11/24/04 05:56:20 EST
ah perhaps my impatience is why I wud not make a good analyst
Xena - 11/24/04 05:55:31 EST
ease up $, it takes time, I am here w, just waiting for those questions...

$ - 11/24/04 05:53:20 EST
here we have it again, you drop a crumb and then when response is given you show no responsability...

JJ - 11/23/04 20:28:46 EST
Analysis Anonymis

Lacan - 11/23/04 20:28:22 EST

JJ - 11/23/04 20:27:42 EST
Is this AA?
Lacan - 11/23/04 20:25:43 EST
letter 23 what responsibility do you have for dis child

Denise - 11/23/04 20:18:03 EST
w, what language does the child speak, Spanish, the word thorn was it espina?

w - 11/23/04 14:50:56 EST
There it is ... and he was ready to shoot me down last night but for gun control. The 7 yr old with a lucky thorn for a friend.

Denise - 11/23/04 04:20:34 EST
'the silicon chip inside her head was switched to overload, and nobodys going to go to school today she's going to make them stay at home, and daddy doesnt understand it he always said she was as good as gold, because he can see no reason because there are no reasons, what reason do you need to show oh oh oh oh oh. tell me why: i don't like mondays, tell me why: i don't like mondays, tell me why: i don't like mondays, i want to shoot ou ou ou ou ou the whole world down de da da, de da da...

w - 11/22/04 19:57:50 EST Take it away poor child, But pity is a bad thing according to some..

w - 11/22/04 19:51:07 EST
I was sure I came in here and clashed e with all those others on mommy's B-day but looking bak like I was told It says another day. The Queen of the night was turning #^) something & 360 frightening I'm shaking all over. Just like last night when X turned up wiyth his bro and I had to give tell him a piece of my mind before kid left , O I q was shaking all over just like a leaf . How sweet and scary of me. They didn't seem too phased. We won't talk 2 NIGHT BEFORE AFTERALL POOR KID DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL ON mONDAY AFTER ALL THAT HARANGUE. eVER SINCE i HEARD TAHT SONG AS A YOUTH iT WAS CONFIRMED THAT THAT DAY CAN DEFINITELY BE ACCURSED w especilly when you still have to go to school. Daddy can instill the courage I guess. Oh well. It's only A B melodrama. Soap opera telrenovela for pipsqeaks like me. He says that "it's all the steps that led up to that" and that I'm responsible for all tha adults actions as well as the kids. And"look at the coditions of my house' He don't like em. He didn't dis agree hat he would call yhe COPS if he felt n danger cause he said e with impunity that nothing like that has ever happened to him . Cause it 's a bad thing I did all my fault. Those kind of things arn't necessary for sweet him. Cursor works even thru a pad of paper. Anyway nobody got badly hurt and they were helpful and thought it a good idea I called . Not so alone as I ...

ANTONIO - 11/22/04 17:37:39 EST
El sentido perverso del reverso de la escritura de esta página es relamente encantador

CS. - 11/17/04 10:48:43 EST
I'm going to change subject. I have problem with mathemes, it seems, but is there matheme for 'fundamental fantasy' or is ff. associated with desire, in this instance?

Heaven - 11/16/04 16:35:49 EST
Who's boy or girl does it belong toooo????

CS. - 11/13/04 12:51:33 EST
It seems to me, we have to establish what is being asked before a torrent of questions and inappropriate remarks wash away the possibility of a question which (W) may take time to articulate (or not!). Whatever this is about, it highlights the question of interpretation and the limitations of a public site ...

lucy - 11/12/04 15:22:40 EST It is nort a girl... it's a boy!!! eleven years old Sally - 11/11/04 22:49:54 EST
And anyway who's torturing who? That girl simply needs some support, but good luck finding some or sending e-mail. What sheneeds is a clinician.
W - 11/11/04 22:42:38 EST
probably would have been better to not say all those things here. Something like erratic affective behavoir most likely.

CS. - 11/11/04 15:58:26 EST W. You could say where you live or if you don't want to, email Lac Ink. for list of people who live near you

W - 11/11/04 15:21:00 EST
Maybe there is a lacanian who can help in my area? it means torture to me and crying and possibly giving uu unless I may find some way to alter thigs like maybe a good lacanian. I mean letting go of the child of course. He says I have ruined his life from the beginning and that I am crazy and that I've tortured him amongst many other things including words not allowed by the F C C
W1 - does the child say why he hates you?

CS. - 11/10/04 17:52:51 EST
ps. Am in GMT not EST. (by the sea in old Europe, a long way from NY. rose gardens!)

CS. - 11/10/04 17:45:47 EST
W - Children often say such things. What does it mean to you?

maria - 11/10/04 14:10:55 EST
W1 - that is young... often analysis works very well with children

w1 - 11/10/04 13:15:42 EST
maria - 11/09/04 22:38:54 EST
W1 - If your child says he hates you & doesn't want to live with you at all ... achild of what age?
W1 - 11/09/04 20:49:53 EST
! forgot my line

W3 - 11/09/04 20:49:06 EST
Not enough

W2 - 11/09/04 20:48:02 EST
CS. So pragmatic

W1 - 11/09/04 13:45:45 EST
If your child says he hates you & doesn't want to live with you at all & paternal interdiction from outside isn't helping,only double messages are seeming to operate, and you want the child to see something in you that would change things, which equation is that?
maria - 11/09/04 11:17:29 EST
CS - sure thery have.... they make photographs and videos... and some people sometimes sell them.

CS. - 11/09/04 03:07:36 EST
Maria, a last, last question - have these events been recorded in the past, and are there plans to record this November event in some way? ps. thanks for the roses.

CS. - 11/09/04 02:47:36 EST
rather what the child represents, object a or object

W1 - 11/08/04 23:28:51 EST
That is about the mother and child.

W1 - 11/08/04 23:27:39 EST
Sine I'm not experienced I need some examples if you don't mind.

maria - 11/08/04 16:35:14 EST
W1 - go to the contents page http://www.lacan.com/lacan1.htm and click on the red letters that say: Slavoj Zizek in New York

CS. - 11/08/04 16:10:09 EST
W1. In some instances, a child causes the mother's desire and represents the object a, in other instances, the child becomes the object of Mum's desire (and perhaps later repudiates paternal function).

CS. - 11/08/04 16:00:26 EST
Maria, what you say or what I think you say is interesting. The first Other was reference to most subject's 'first Other', the mother and the second is obviously the one who sometimes lends something to paternal function, limiting anxiety caused by the mother's desire. Curiously, your question, 'why do we need a second Other' reads, why paternity, which is a question and a half, despite Freud and Lacan.

W.1. - 11/08/04 15:52:40 EST
And what to do when the fantasm takes over everywhere? C.S. or Maria?

W.1. - 11/08/04 15:32:27 EST
If the subject turns into an object, who would'nt know? And how is this object different from object a? And so far I have not seen any garden of roses. Who else gets to see it besides those N.Yorkers.

maria - 11/08/04 09:04:34 EST
CS - I don't think anxiety is the leitmotiv with the fantasm. Doesn't everybody have fantasies? And then there is this fundamental one.... defined of course by sexuation correlates. In my analogy what I substitute is subject for object - why do we need a second Other? there isn't an other of the other, you know

CS. - 11/08/04 02:43:03 EST
Maria, please tell me more about this rose garden. As for lozenges and I'm sure you're right, wouldn't passage 'to' or passage 'from', depend on quite particular castration anxiety - defined in some way by sexuation coordinates? In your analogy, are you substituting 'second Other' for 'first Other'? Please excuse this persistance, I have difficulty with mathemes, and once upon a time had difficulty with algebra too!

maria - 11/07/04 21:33:24 EST
CS - in the fantasm $ <> a the losange stands for the passage of the one into the other. JA Miller tells as an example of a woman who is a fundamentalist feminist --- she is politically active as such --- then when it comes to make love, in her fantasy, a man has to bluntly hit her ... Of the rose garden... the people in NYork won't get to see it either, they'll look at the picture of the rose garden and listen to Zizek...

maria - 11/07/04 21:14:45 EST
W.1 - why that one would not be castrated again? I don't know that there exists a vaccine against castration.

CS. - 11/07/04 19:35:24 EST
Maria, if the matheme of desire sets up distance between subject and Other, then desire defends the subject against becoming the object of the first Other, in which case, the subject turning into the object must be more anxiety than fantasm.

w. - 11/07/04 17:45:44 EST
I would say yes...

CS. - 11/07/04 17:23:12 EST
Maria, could I see this garden without being in New York, late November?

W.1. - 11/07/04 17:00:23 EST
How can one be castrated again if we already are when we enter the symbolic order?

maria - 11/07/04 14:39:41 EST
--- well , are we going to address each with dates? - 11/06/04 - when I wrote "and, 'what if the subject turns into an object and then you don't know anymore ...?' I meant this that happens with the fantasm - but in behalf of sublimation ... see the garden of roses illustrating Zizek's title Do We Still Live in a Real World?

CS. - 11/07/04 14:35:25 EST
Marie, your subject turning into an object and 'not knowing' follows me all day, but your analogy is also the case with regard to 'looking' and 'the gaze'. In Sem. X1. Lacan says, looking is only possible when we avert 'our eyes' ... and when we're subjected to the gaze, we can't see! Which is perhaps why some therapists avert their eyes and practice 'not knowing' ...

- 11/06/04 05:30:40 EST
Maria, a few night back, I saw bits of Jean Luc Godard's 'Eloge de L'Amour' (in praise of love), where, (it seemed to me) this director sets up an opposition between love and 'the state'. And perhaps Godard's musing can be put alongside Terry 1's list of Lacan's references to love (23.oct)? For me though, what is interesting is the relationship of sublimation to Lacan's subject, 'object a' and Other. According to Lacan, with sublimation, the real may be elevated to 'the dignity of the Thing'. Then my questions have to do with this 'Thing' and what bearing 'the Thing' has on contemporary symptoms. In this instance, 'contemporary symptoms' is reference to Howard Britton's beautiful essay which is printed in an early version of 'the Symptom'. In it, Britton links contemporary discontents to a reliance on retail therapy. So my wanting-to-know has to do with the relationship of consumer items (objects) to this object of sublimation, 'the Thing'. If 'the Thing' represents an always lost object, then we're always left substituting 'things' for desire and of course, Marx has something to say about production and producers - and, 'what if the subject turns into an object and then you don't know anymore ...?

maria - 11/05/04 19:07:07 EST
what if the subject turns into an object and then you don't know anymore...?

Antonia - 11/02/04 18:58:37 EST
Tuti - that is an interesting question... I've heard a lot about the subject arising in the Other --- constructed I would say through the encounter of two signifiers

Tais - 11/02/04 12:50:29 EST
Hello Lucy, I have had experiences (events) in the past where I thought I might be psychic, or something along that line. I saw people who I knew were dead, but didnt' know them. My sister saw the same ones, but only us two saw them. I prayed a lot, and never saw them again. I had visions of something and in a couple of minutes, it happened. I've guessed a whole deck of cards, one by one, but could never do that again. I have so many gut feelings, but could never really confirm them to be true or not. Some were, others I had no way of finding out if were true or not. A tarot reader once told me that I had something special - a talent - and that a laday in blue accompanies me (protects me?). I pray to Our lady (mother of Jesus), and had so many prayers answered (when I prayed for the intercession of Our Lady, to take my prayers to her beloved Son Jesus, and to God). Can you tell me anything about me? Lately, I've been searching so much for an answer, but am scared because I have never search as much or was wanting to know as much, as I am know. What's happening to me? Thank you Lucy, for your time. In Peace, Tais :) taisl@cogeco.ca

Tuti - 11/02/04 12:01:02 EST
"subjects are constructed, not born" can anyone comment on this?

Carol - 10/30/04 23:49:10 EDT
Can anyone assist me with a brief summary of Freud's case of the wolfman, and Lacans views on it - also those of Kristeva ? I have just read Kristeva's novel The Old Man and the wolves - which is a parable. I wondered if the Old Man could refer to the wolfman. Also, if anyone has read this book, could the wolfman be Freud? If anyone else has read the novel - your interpretation would be much appreciated...

delicatto - 10/30/04 03:43:56 EDT
Oh, I'm often up for a little catigation. Also, it's not that I find that Lacanian parlance difficult to understand. It's more that such parlance is used in such a doctrinal fashion, as if, for all we know better, these words were fixed. I'm not so interested any more in what they mean as I am in how they can be put to used, and had they alter in that process of recontextualization. Seems to much time is spent on here avoiding encounter with the Alter.

Ingmar Bergman - 10/28/04 13:07:09 EDT
delicatto, you're obviously free to 'talk' about what you want to, but I'd like you to say what you mean by 'standard technical rattle'. Zizek uses the term 'Lacanese' to describe too many assumptions made when too many concepts collide and 'conflate', and no doubt you're right to complain! But Lacanian psychoanalysis may be difficult and if it is, there may be reasons. Here's my hypothesis concerning this difficulty, it may include a few very frozen entities!! For Lacan, the 'phallic order' encompasses the world we know and this includes Freud's Unconscious and all the ramifications of Oedipus. Freud resoughts to myth, but Lacan comes along and posits structure to include the Real and what might be the case beyond interpretation. So, by making use of the idea of structure, Lacan lends us terms which get us into trouble and your antidote is 'medievalism'. However, if for your 'medievalism' discounts Lacanian structure, you may find yourself resoughting to ideas like divine retribution.

delicatto - 10/27/04 19:32:26 EDT
Any medievalists around here? Might be nice to break up the ice blockade a while. Discuss the Imaginary and the Drives in terms other than the standard technical rattle?

CS. - 10/26/04 18:49:31 EDT
Terry 1. you seem to have collected a (lovely) opposition to turning love into an object, but what does this collection turn into? Although, I like to think I can sometimes be true to the truth of desire, I also miss that first or second love - in the lone-ness of my desire ...

Terry1 - 10/23/04 15:55:57 EDT
We are wounded by langauge in the psychic. I love you but there is something more thatn you. Love turns to hate...............Love v Jouissance..........At the end of an analysis we know who is worthy of our love...........The labrynth of love allows jouissance to condescend to desire. When you demand to be loved you castrate the other. To love is to desire........The incubus.....The concept 'Ex -Nihilo'......is beyond the pleasure principle.This is the death drive.........Science is a form of sublimation thatg can bring a knowing to you........In science the 'thing' actually speaks..At the end of analysis we should be able to fuse affetion and sensuous love. The ego-ideal is given up for love. The only object we ever love is ourselves........Love is an artifact...... I love in you something more than you.......To work with love and not in it...........The Agalma.....The agalma is the unconsummated presence ..The jewel in the statue........The dropping of the object becomes the foothold for desire..........The woman constructs the man as phallus before she deflowers him.......Our second love is always better than our first but the forst is always remebered.........Choose a woman that desires another man. When a man loves he cannot desire.........When a man desires he cannot love.........When we are in love we desire the object............I love and she is loved'

CS. - 10/20/04 13:01:30 EDT
Following Verhaeghe, who maintains there are two drives, it is possible to elaborate defence of Darian Leader's title. In a paper called Dreams Between Drive And Desire, V. links the unconscious to phallic jouissance and the domain of the analysable. The rest is Freud's 'primordial unconscious', the system Ucs and what Lacan calls the 'Other jouissance' and the real. With sexuation, I think the suggestion is, 'men's symmetry has everything to do with a so called 'phallic order', whereas, woman manages both phallic and feminine jouissance. So, perhaps ... 'unposted letters' can have to do with that other jouisance, 'feminine jouissance'.

JJ - 10/19/04 21:16:31 EDT
'Love is the Name?'

Terry ! - 10/18/04 18:33:41 EDT
What a good teaching aid this message board is.....Love to you all.

- 10/18/04 05:11:21 EDT
ps. the 'letter' is also real, so perhaps, sometimes 'unposted'.

CS. - 10/18/04 04:34:27 EDT
but there is a gentle humour, which is both parody and love. Parody which leads someone of one sex to say to someone of another,'You are all the same', when that observation implies just the opposite. 'I tell you, you're a woman, the same as any other woman, because I have no words to tell you what I feel, words fail me ...!'. With love, words fall short of 'satisfying' desire ...

Lucy - 10/17/04 20:58:32 EDT
just that when you are talking from a Lacan point of view the "letter" belongs in the unconscious. D. Leader can name the book the way he wants... just that after Lacan you are brought to a halt before saying - she - women - the woman - do this, the other..are this way, etc As to "Lacanese" Zizek claims there is an improper use lacanians do of jargon... at times quite silly and infatuated, there is however a proper way to make use of it

CS. - 10/17/04 17:38:30 EDT
Lucy, what do mean by 'same dissymmetry'?
Paul Verhaeghe suggests both sexes are averse to 'passivity', but 'men's' fear of castration may be more than fear of 'symbolic castration'. Perhaps, someone can ask Darian Leader why he titled his book the way he did (and it's a while since I read it), but it seems to me your original censure suggests what Zizek calls 'Lacanese'.

Lucy - 10/17/04 16:03:14 EDT
CS - as to sexuation already Freud is saying there isn't a feminine drive - but the one libido, of a masculine nature , and goes to install the phallus and the castration complex in modst of the sexual . Lacan formulated this as "there is no sexual relation". "Woman does not exist"... And he points to the same dissymmetry saying the phallus is the phallus for the two sexes in the unconscience - the actual pivot of sexual ambigüit

CS. - 10/17/04 05:27:04 EDT
Lucy, by implication, are you saying there's no such thing as sexuation? 'Lacanian sensibilities' would eventually amount to a censorship prior to Freud's sexual revolution or perhaps a return to the 'sexual politics' censor 1970's. If castration is the key to Oedipus and sexuation, then 'men' and 'women' experience castration in different ways. Psychoanalysis, surely begins with hysteria (or perhaps, there's no such thing!?).

reecho - 10/17/04 00:52:11 EDT
To say women write more letters than they send is non-sense, as well as being a truth inscrutible and the shadow cast by words addressed as lacanian chat etc. as it is somewhat slow... Attempting Millerian authority, that happened to be a stance, not stale, but gathered. I would like to know the opinion of the head of the Lacanian school concerning Miller. If he occupies the head, what, or rather, how does he see himself. I have a sense that Lacanians look more in words than the physicality of language wanted to represent, some feeling, and posture, that is a solid posture.

maria - 10/17/04 00:46:30 EDT
could it be because the letter always arrives to its destination?
still what difference does it make that the writer of the letter be a woman?
maria - 10/17/04 00:44:45 EDT
so which is the answer to Why Do Women Write More Letters Than They Post?

CS. - 10/16/04 16:06:57 EDT
It's 'Why Do Women Write More Letters Than They Post' ( Faber)

Lucy - 10/16/04 11:30:44 EDT
CS - what's the name of the book - of Darian Leaders' book I mean?

CS. - 10/15/04 17:56:01 EDT
Lucy, this is reference to a book written by Darian Leader

Lucy - 10/15/04 16:22:59 EDT
In any case THERE ISN'T THE WOMAN - there isn't the women...
all there is a woman - as they happen to exist one by one... she is not representable. To say 'women write more letters than they send' is non-sense

CS. - 10/15/04 12:55:57 EDT
ever so close, Jersey, Isle de la Manche ...

Denise - 10/15/04 11:00:41 EDT
CS would you be close to GMT