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Nail shop philosophy

Renée Cox may have caused scandal at the Brooklyn Museum but it was nothing to the rumpus she generated while having her nails done on West Broadway at SoHo Nails. On discovering her name the entire salon of women burst into heated discussion of her photographs and Mayor Giuliani's recent reactions, everyone venturing an excited opinion. This spontaneous debate about art and politics, the sort of populist think tank every museum education department dreams of, was moderated by Josefina Ayerza, fabled patron of young Argentine artists (Guillermo Kuitca) and founder of the contemporary art/psychoanalytic forum "Lacanian ink".

Theory thaumaturgy

Ayerza and "Lacanian ink" were also behind a successful event at The Drawing Center where a packed audience listened agape to Slavoj Zizek, cult Slovenian theorist. Perfectly offset by the bizarre drawings of Rosemarie Trockel, Zizek's analysis of the "Non-Rapport" was received with awe by the crowd. This included a fair share of unexpected art figures, whether Peter Fend or Pieter Schoolwerth, William S.Wilson and even dealer Jack Tilton, who revealed himself a longtime closet Lacanian. Even more surprising a presence was that of major collector Hubert Neumann who turns out to be a devoted student not only of Zizek but also an impressive range of continental philosophy and theorists, unusual bedside reading for the average mega-purchaser of Picasso. The art audience particularly enjoyed Zizek's view on the villainy of curators as exemplified by "Hannibal", in which Anthony Hopkins admits to being a curator himself.

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