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[space] - 9/21/01 - Marco Mauas' reflection apropos Said-Zizek
[space] - 10/10/01 - Slavoj Zizek answers Marco Mauas
- 10/11/01 - Marco Mauas replies

[space] - 10/7/01 - Slavoj Zizek answers Peter Murphy

[space] - 10/16/01 - Germán García's reflection apropos Zizek

[space] - 10/12/01 -Backlash and Backtrack by Edward Said

"The century that dawned with the attack on New York will be marked with the seal of horror."
- 9/24/01 - Jacques-Alain Miller

[...] If the terrorists had targeted the symbol or the function, it would have sufficed to strike at night when the Towers were empty. Their will, on the contrary, was to reach for the object of jouissance and to kill people, to achieve mass assassination, as widely as possible. [...] Éric Laurent go to article
Time for Intellectual Honesty:
- 9/16/01 - There Are Many Islams by Edward Said

Spectacular horror of the sort that struck New York (and to a lesser degree Washington) has ushered in a new world of unseen, unknown assailants, terror missions without political message, senseless destruction. [...] go to article
Welcome To The Desert Of The Real
- 10/7/01 - Reflections on WTC - third version - by Slavoj Zizek

Alain Badiou identified as the key feature of the XXth century the "passion of the Real /la passion du reel/"1: in contrast to the XIXth century of the utopian or "scientific" projects and ideals, plans about the future, the XXth century aimed at delivering the thing itself, at directly realizing the longer-for New Order. [...] go to article