Ricard, René

Born in Boston, René Ricard was a part of Boston's literary life in the early 60’s, which included the poets John Broderick, John Wieners and Steven Jonas. By the age of seventeen, Ricard was a leading figure in the New York cultural scene that surrounded Andy Warhol's Factory. He appeared in such Warhol classic films as Kitchen, Chelsea Girls and ****(Four Stars).

As a performer, Ricard was a founding participant in the Theater of the Ridiculous, collaborating with John Vaccaro and Charles Ludlam.

The artist has published four books of poetry: Rene Ricard 1979 - 1980, God With Revolver, Trusty Sarcophagus Co. and Love Poems.

In the late 70’s Ricard began to paint his poems. Occasionally he would paint the words directly onto paintings found in flea markets. In a twist on the notion of a found painting, he has recently been painting his own “found images”. Onto these background paintings he inscribes his terse, jarring poetry.

In other recent works the artist eschews background imagery, painting longer poems against solid colors, reminiscent of Japanese scroll paintings in their sparse compositions.

The current exhibition, Louise Fishman: My City, remains on view through Saturday, May 24th..