Schreber Exercise

Recommended exercises.
(drawings from Moritz Schreber's writings - Daniel Paul's father)
"I had also turned the view, influenced by the opinions of the voices continually talking to me in this sense, that a drawing of "tested souls," so that they should spend themselves totally in my body and thus allow the restoration of God's sole power in the sky, would be much facilitated if I keep my body immobile. I therefore made the almost incredible sacrifice of desisting from every movement and of course from every occupation for several weeks and months, the conversation of voices excepted; this went so far that not even at night did I dare change my position in bed, because the spending of tested souls was to be expected mostly during sleep. I made this sacrifice, although I had already then received some taste of the "half and half" policy which God's omnipotence pursued towards me, but I could not get myself to believe that God harbored really evil intent towards me.

Daniel Paul Schreber, Memoirs of my Nervous Illness