girls braced at table

The "Geradehalter."
(drawings from Moritz Schreber's writings - Daniel Paul's father)
"I considered the immobility demanded from me a duty incumbent on me both in the interests of self-preservation and of God, so as to liberate Him from the embarrassment in which he found Himself owing to the "tested souls". I had formed the opinion - probably not altogether unfounded - that more rays would be lost if I myself moved to and fro (equally when a draft went through the room); as I was then still filled with holyawe towards divine rays because of their high purposes, and being also uncertain as to whether eternity really existed or whether the store of rays might suddenly be exhausted, I considered it my task to prevent any squandering of rays as far as it was in my power.

Daniel Paul Schreber, Memoirs of my Nervous Illness