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The Dimensions of Art
On Udi Aloni’s film Forgiveness
Alain Badiou

Author’s Bio This film presents, as does every film, visible two-dimensional images and audible successions—voices, music, and sounds. These are the evident materials of the film’s composition. Now, I would like to examine a slightly different idea: an idea that proposes this film as a four-dimensional universe. As an object, insofar as you see it […]

Some Remarks on Marcel Duchamp
Alain Badiou

Author’s Bio My departure point will be Andre Breton’s text, in 1922, consecrated to Duchamp in the fifth issue of the review Littérature. In this text, Breton writes: “Could it be that Marcel Duchamp arrives more quickly than anyone else at the critical point of ideas?” That says everything in a sense. Synthetically, Breton attributes […]

Ser es ser mediático
Julia Goldenberg

I might be crazy triying to get you here with me. Why don’t you come here with me? Vito Acconci(dirigiéndose al espectador), Theme song (video) You must stand in front of the Mona Lisa or else. You can’t fall in love with her reproduction, no, no, no – that’s masturbation. Douglas Davis La filosofía contemporánea […]