Wendelbo, Liz

Born 1968 Oslo, Norway
Lives and works in New York

1993 Fine Art Diploma, AKI Art Academy, Enschede, Holland
1991 B.A. in Theater / Film and French Literature, Bristol University, England

Solo Exhibitions / Screenings
‘Hermetica’, Up & Co gallery NY (September 2005)
‘Zurück’, Foundation 20/21 NYEHAUS NY, curated by Tim Nye and Miguel Abreu (January 2005)

Group Exhibitions / Screenings
‘Carte Blanche’, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, curated by Jenny Moore, New York
‘Two Friends and so on’, Andrew Kreps Gallery, organised by Jonathan Horowitz, NY
‘Fade to white’, White Cube, curated by Anneč Olofsson, Umeo, Sweden
‘Etc…’, Andrew Kreps Gallery NY, arranged by Matt Keegan
‘There’s a city in my mind’, Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY
‘Teatalktotal’, Gallery W139, curated by Ann Demeester, Amsterdam

Selected Publications
‘Etc.’, catalogue published by Matt Keegan, Andrew Kreps Gallery NY, (2006)
‘Recipes for New York’, catalogue curated by Adam Kleinman, published by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY (Sept 2006)
‘W139, Report of an Ongoing Journey’, catalogue curated by Ann Demeester, W139 Amsterdam (2006)
‘Paving Paradise’, article by Jeff Rian / Mark Fishman, issue 15, Purple Magazine France (2003)

Best Short Film, ’Hanover European Film Festival’, Hanover Germany (1994)
Best Short Film, ‘Halloween Society’, London (1995)
Best Short Film, ‘R&R Festival’, Amsterdam (1996)