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for lacan.com readers top 20 list.

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Spring-Summer 2001 lacan dot com readers top 20

1. A Theory of Justice
   (revised edition)

   by John Rawls,
   Belknap, 1999.

2. Culture and Equality:
   An Egalitarian Critique of

   by Brian Barry,
   Harvard, 2001.

3. A Darwinian Left:
   Politics, Evolution and Cooperation

   by Peter Singer,
   Yale, 2000.

4. Ethics:
   An Essay on the Understanding
   of Evil

   by Alain Badiou,
   Verso, 2001.

5. Turning South Again:
   Rethinking Modernism/
   Rereading Booker T

   by Houston A. Baker.
   Duke, 2001.

6. Natural Right and History
   by Leo Strauss,
   Chicago, 1999.

7. Freedom and Time:
   A Theory of Constitutional

   by Jed Rubenfeld.
   Yale, 2001.

8. Postcolonial Theory
   by Leela Gandhi,
   Columbia, 1998.

9. Did Someone Say Totalitarianism?
   Four Interventions in the Misuse of
   a Notion

   by Slavoj Zizek,
   Verso, 2001.

10. Justice is Conflict
    by Stuart Hampshire,
    Princenton, 1999.

11. The City of Man
    by Pierre Manent,
    Princenton, 2000.

12. Lacan and the Political
    (Thinking the Political)

    by Yannis Stavrakakis,
    Routledge, 1999.

13. The crooked Timber of Humanity
    by Isaiah Berlin,
    Princenton, 1998.

14. The Edward Said Reader
    by Moustafa Bayoumi (Editor),
    Vintage, 2000.

15. On Democracy
    by Robert Alan Dahl,
    Yale, 2000.

16. The Inclusion of the Other:
    Studies in Political Theory
    (Studies in Contemporary German Thought)

    by Jurgen Habermas.
    MIT, 2000.

17. The Antonio Gramsci Reader:
    Selected Writings 1916-1935

    by David Forgacs (Editor),
    New York University, 2000.

18. Reading Capital
    by Louis Althusser,
    Verso, 1998.

19. Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and
    Government (Oxford Political Theory)

    by Philip Pettit,
    Getty Ctr., 2000.

20. Liberation, Imagination and the Black
    Panther Party: A New Look at the Black
    Panthers and their Legacy

    by Kathleen Cleaver and George Katsiaficas.
    Routledge, 2001.


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