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The Symptom - our online journal for lacan.com - dates back to the beginning of the century, indeed the Autumn of 2001 -- nine years ago. Our writers can be different in style and intent. However there is a common denominator and this is Jacques Lacan. The Symptom is about Jacques Lacan.

In as much as The Symptom 11 addresses Lacan's theory from years ago, such as with Jacques-Alain Miller's "Symptom and Fantasm" from the 1983 Conferencias Porteñas, this same author's "The Non-Existent Seminar" from 1991, Slavoj Zizek's "Deleuze and the Lacanian Real" from early 2008, and Alain Badiou's "The Formulas of l'Étourdit" from Spring 2006, it may as yet alternate with their very actual input - Alain Badiou's "The Courage of the Present/Contemporary Obscurantism" published in Le Monde in February 2010, and Slavoj Zizek's "The Neighbor in Burka" from April 2010. Eric Laurent investigates the status of love in both its modern and contemporary sense, especially what this means for psychoanalysis, in "Of Disparity in Love," which was given at a conference at Tours in 1999. Pierre Gilles Guéguen in "On Women and the Phallus" from April 2010 deals with semblance as applied to the relation between man and woman. Mario Goldenberg's "Paranoid Park and the Secret" was inspired by Gus Van Sant's film that won the 60th Anniversary Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. François Régnault's "Psychoanalysis and Music," from March 2002, is very unique in that he explores the involvement of music as both an unconscious exercise and an exercise of the unconscious. The ladies walk forth with "A Very Natural Woman" by Marina Lusa and "Oscura Estampa" by Julia Goldenberg", both from 2010. Albert Herter's video clip emerges from his experience in analysis. Richard Kostelanetz seals up the issue with a 2010 political protest entitled, "Obama as Dubya in Disguise".

The Symptom wants to heartily thank our selection of writers; our most productive and intelligent translators Asunción Alvarez and Marcus Andersson; our highly accurate editor Ray Kohno; and the contributors behind the scene, doing digital design and so on, Kino, James Martin, Stephen Platz…