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......The Symptom 13 appears in midst of the many 2012 Freudian Field Congresses—Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv—succeeding each other over and beyond another moment of imponderable world crisis.
Let the unconscious be politics, the subversive—in the figure of psychoanalysis—should take over. With J-A Miller "The unconscious knows no time, but psychoanalysis does, as it provides what Stendhal called 'the daring of not being like everyone else.'"
...... And he will continue to expand on how psychoanalysis teaches something about power. However there are conditions.

Let there be a civil society stricto sensu, other than the State.

Let there be irony or they won't be psychoanalysis where irony is not allowed.

Let there be ideals or there won't be psychoanalysis where the questioning of ideals is punished.

Let psychoanalysis support freedom of expression and pluralism. Psychoanalysis is clearly incompatible with totalitarian regimes.

Let there be division of labor. Where democracy and individualism have not done their work, there will be no space for psychoanalysis

So much for the framing, the New Museum's current show twists and turns as it remains running in the background. Tacita Dean's art attempts to capture the world—people, buildings, objects and natural phenomena at the moment of their disappearance. She'll track down their contour and fix images that dissolve into painterly expressions of light and shadow. With Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg it's The Parade: she has created five captivating animations and an unnerving menagerie of more than eighty freestanding bird sculptures. Inspired by Arte Povera, "Phyllida Barlow: siege" consists of disparate substances such as concrete, felt, wooden pallets, polystyrene, and fabric… These materials are a reflection of the urban environment in which she works and are often sourced directly from the streets. Stanya Kahn's videos offer glimpses into alternate worlds populated by bizarre characters, mummified animals, natural forces, and primal impulses…