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The Symptom changes its name. Not the Symptom anymore, it will be the Sinthome—or the way Jacques Lacan titled his Seminar, Livre XXIII: Le sinthome, from 1975-76. The Latin way, according to Rabelais, of spelling the Greek origin of the French word symptôme, which means “symptom.”
However it stands relative to nomination, it is precisely the unnamable which, at the end of analysis, claims a space. But how do you get there, and once there, how do you identify it?
......You get there on the couch. As you bubble on the couch… Make up stories, says Lacan, invent. Stemming from a slip of the tongue, an error, the subject is, for the patient, rare beauty and full eroticism. Let it in turn walk out of the dream, repetition will come to qualify the story, polish it…
......Beauty and full eroticism in language correlate to desire. If they have a rapport to woman, it is because they both, woman and desire, belong in an empty shell. How so? Woman, where she is the symptom, she is the phallus…or the very empty shell's most rewarding act. Be it its reversing possibilities. Lacan will insist, “Woman does not exist as an entity with full ontological consistency, but only as a symptom of man.”
......Lacan's second statement envisions the symptom in Seminar XXlll, after Joyce the Sinthome. Here the subject dissolves—it loses ground under its feet, disintegrates —“woman is a symptom of man,” to a point that man himself exists only through woman as his symptom—is externalized in his symptom.
......Man literally exists: his entire being lies “out there,” in woman. Woman, on the other hand, does not exist, she insists… has “her way,” it being maybe happiness. But not her coming to be. She does not come to be through man. Something in her escapes the relation to man… Excess. Lacan captures the very excess through the notion of “not all”—“not all” feminine jouissance.
......The sinthome—your name of symptom—is the signifier that conveys your desire.
......The Other never existed, but now you know it. Again, there is a jouissance to recuperate…
......You enjoy—jouis. The sinthome you enjoy.

We invited Alejandra Seeber to curate the Sinthome 14 art. We chose the images. Now Alejandra gave the images a sense, which she correlated with the different texts along the issue. It's for you, the reader, to add to the actual sense, thus illustrate the texts, as your view in here—your particular point of view privy to the Sinthome.