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Symptom 15 is a thematic issue.
So there where it puts together the current Freudian Field subjects, and yes the subject is the topic, it will run throughout the actual soliloquies in seminars, encounters. After Jacques-Alain Miller’s Orientation, the École de la Cause Schools’ disseminate around the world—in deep conversation.
“Never alone,” is one of Miller’s favorite lines.
So we recall.
There is an Other. This Other has a strong connotation of space.
Spaces around the world:
With the French Other, in November 2014 at the Palais of Congress in Paris, it was “Being a Mother” —maternity fantasms in psychoanalysis
With the English Other — the NLS, New Lacanian School — “Moments of Crisis”, will extend to the Geneva Congress in May 2015, and so…
And in line with the thematic goes Jacques-Alain Miller’s Introduction to Reading Jacques Lacan’s Seminar on Anxiety. Published in Lacanian Ink 26 and 27, at the New York JLW - Jacques Lacan Workshop at NYU—New York University, we happen to be reading Seminar X, Anxiety.
Again New York, in Nancy Barton’s “The Nightmare of Plenitude” well expanding on the maternity fantasms… Slavov Zizek’s “Hegel’s Logic as a Theory of Ideology” joins in where he writes about transference “the foundation of transference, the transferential relation epitomized by love.”
Lacan Quotidian will witness the set up dialogue.
The individual articles from striking and unusual characters, we want to situated against a common ground— as this that knits in. And this Other that knits in is prone to embody the very world—still the times, or this Other place we live in, every day.