Horsfield, Craigie

1949 Born in Cambridge, GB

2001 - 2005 El Hierro project.(Collaboration), El Hiero, Canary Islands, Spain
2003 Monica De Cardenas, Milan, Italy
2003 Frith Street Gallery, London, UK
2002 Middelburg Soundwork. Soundwork 4.0. (Collaboration), The Vleeshal, Middelburg, Holland
2002 El Hierro Conversation. (Collaboration), Soundwork 4.1. (Collaboration), Documenta 11. Kassel, Germany
2000 - 2001 What Film May Be. A New Proposal for Film (Collaboration), The Royal Film Museum of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
2000 Soundwork 3.2. (Collaboration), Stedelijk van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands; Frith Street Gallery, London, UK
2000 The Ravenstein Conversation. Here. Now.(Collaboration), The Royal Film Museum of Belgium and Brussels 2000, Brussels, Belgium
2000 Brussels Summer. (Collaboration), National Philharmonic; Society of Exhibitions; Royal Film Museum of Belgium; Paleiz Dance Theatre Company; Theatre de Rideaux; Palais des Beaux Arts.Brussels, Belgium
1999 The Stuttgart Soundwork (Collaboration), The Wurttembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany
1998 Witte de With Museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1998 Monica De Cardenas Milan, Italy
1996 - 1997 Face à l'Histoire, Centre George Pompidou Paris, France
1996 Barbara Gladstone Gallery New York, NY
1996 La Ciutat de la Gens, Fondacio Antoni Tapiès Barcelona, Spain
1995 Carnegie International 1995, Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, PA
1994 The Epic and the Every day: Contemporary Photography in Art, Hayward Gallery London, England
1994 Carnagie Museum Pittsburgh, PA
1993 Galerie Comicos Lisbon
1992 Musée d'Art Moderne St. Etienne
1992 Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, Ireland
1991 A Dialogue about Recent American and European Photography in Art, MOCA Los Angeles, CA
1990 Frith Street Gallery London, England
1990 Ydessa Hendeles Foundation Toronto, Canada
1989 Centro per l'arte Contemporanea Prato
1989 Blasphemies, ecstasies, cries, The Serpentine Gallery London, England
1989 Une Autre Objectivité, Centre National de Arts Plastiques Paris, France
1988 Another Objectivity, Institute for Contemporary Arts London, England
1988 Cambridge Darkroom Cambridge

2003/2004 What Film May Be. Book. Various authors. Edited with an essay by Craigie Horsfield. An overview of the existing state of film conservation, historical presentation and several interpretations of what film may be including a proposal.
2003 El Hierro Conversation. Book. Barcelona, Madrid and Canary Islands. Spanish and English
2002 Conversation. Craigie Horsfield and Cecilia Vicuna. Chain magazine and audio website. New York. (English)
2002 Table book. Book of the central work from the Brussels Summer. With Tom Mulcaire
2002 Museum Conversations. Book. With Manuel Borja Villel. MACBA, Barcelona
2001 On Conversation. Conversation with Bracha Lichtenberg-Ettinger. Drawing Center, New York. (English)
1999 Craigie Horsfield Im Gesprach / Conversation. Book. Anthology of texts and conversations between Craigie Horsfield and others. Wurtemburgischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart. (German, English)
1997 Amnesia. Collaboration and Responsibility. Book. Various authors. Including conversation between Craigie Horsfield, Dirk Lauwaert, Erik Eelbode and Christoph Ruys. Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels. (Dutch and French. English text available).
1996 La Ciutat de la Gent. Book. Including conversation between Craigie Horsfield, Manuel Borja-Villel and Jean-Francois Chevrier.Tapies Foundation, Barcelona.(English, Catalan and Spanish) .
1993 The Lectures 1993. Book. Two lectures by Craigie Horsfield. Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam.(English).
1992 The Lectures 1992. Book. Including lecture by Craigie Horsfield. Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam. (English).
1991 Craigie Horsfield. Catalogue. Conversation with Craigie Horsfield, Jean-Francois Chevrier and James Lingwood. ICA. London. (English. Also published in French, 1992, Musee d'Art Moderne de St. Etienne. and in German, 1992, Kunsthalle Zurich).
1990 Symposium der Photographie und zeitgenoessischer Kunst. Book. Various authors, including essay by Craigie Horsfield. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Stuttgart. (English and German).
1988 Craigie Horsfield. Two essays. Book. Cambridge Darkroom. Cambridge. (English).
2003 Approximately seventy books, articles and catalogue texts have been published by the artist between 1988 and 2002