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Spleen - Text [fragments] by Josefina Ayerza, from the Sammlung Goetz catalogue, May/October 2002.

Manu's Spleen -
The garden is right away mysterious, in that it's sumptuous, arrogant enough, imposing... A young male moves around, a maiden walks beside him - she's wearing a fine brown leather jacket and casually eats something... Another maiden, in a Marine blue double-breasted buttoned up coat graciously joins in. Over against trees, tombs, monuments, green grass, they walk together, talk a bit, smoke cigarettes...

The women, as fair, as slim, as tall, look alike.

You know by now the enigmatic garden makes for a cemetery.


"Manu, the one name in the subject with its properties of oneness comes to mind."

Buffalo Billy and Milly - Buffalo Billy, on his head a trapper's hat, there's diffidence in the eyes as he cautiously walks past big glass doors. Right away he picks up a bottle, surveys the room and uncorks the bottle, sips from it. Buffalo Billy flees the sight... So you know he's drunk in the manner of Joseph Beuys:

"In 1974, after the Vietnam War ended, Beuys traveled to New York to perform I Like America and America Likes Me. Beuys spent a week living with a coyote caged in the gallery and protected by felt and a cane. Eventually, the coyote and Beuys learned to co-exist in the same space."

Remix - Again the bearing of the me-decay with its supplementary structures, inside pieces of life, and simultaneous worlds, at once to knit something which is not even a story.

For Remix is not history. It doesn't build up memory. It isn't anyone's memory. It has recourse to no archive. It's not a document of the past. It doesn't remember nor commemorate things. Remix comes the nearest to doings, deeds, and shows them. A shortcut in the present, at the present, of the present, it shows what's right there..."


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