Gala, Carlos, Caty Monnier, Dalí Estate


Gala – You have more hair then today. And straight, no curls

Alex – No, it’s a bit curly. It’s always curly, but the wind makes it straight. A lot of wind.

G – It’s the wind in the house.

A – Yes. It comes in. I was running and so there was wind. I was running through.

G – Hmm

A – *Referring to photograph* It’s roulette. A restaurant. These people, they brought me up here to play roulette, operative roulette.

G – You play?

A – Yes.

G – And you lost?

A – No, I won. I won an operative martini.

G – So that you win.

A – It’s a very nice restaurant in Milano.

G – And that’s what this is.

A – It looks like a stage to a puppet theater, but what it really is I don’t know. I don’t speak Italian.

G – it’s a restaurant?

A – Yess, the restaurant is downstairs.

G – So the people eat and play at the same time?

A – No they eat downstairs, but the operative is up there.

G – And that’s what is there?

A – Yes, you throw the arrows.

G – *reading something in Italian*

G – What is that you read?

A – I don’t really know. Other people translate it for me. I understand it and then I forget it again.

G – Kingbees, and what means it? Zak and Kingbees. Zak is you?

A – It could be. Zak is a dog.

G – What?

A – Zak is the dog.

G – Ahh. Kingbee is you?

A – Kingbee could be me. Zak and Kingbee is me and the people I’m working with. It’s like a group. And I leave my name away.

Ron, Kitaj, Dalí Estate
Gypsy Girls, Dalí Estate

G – And what do you do?

A – I make video films and pictures like this.

G – You’re a photographer.

A – And performance. Performance also.

G – But, what kind of performance? You sing?

A – Yes and I run. And for example I did a song. A rock n’ roll song.

G – Rock n’ roll?

A – Yes, and a Kingbee. That means there are no Kingbees, only queens. Female.

G – You’re a queen? Queen is woman but you are a man.

A – I am man, yeah. That’s why I’m a Kingbee

G – That’s right you’re a king, not queen.

A – In in nature it does not exist. Only bees. Bees are females, the queens.

G – “Bee” is?

A – Bzzzzz, honey.

G – That’s right. Honey.

G – *speaking in Spanish*

G – I understood. Queen of the…

A – Of the bees.

G – Bees. So you are queen of the bees?

A – In a way.

G – A little suspicious, huh? That is Milano, no?

A – Yes. Right.

1. — Salvador Dalí, artist portrait 2. — 'waiting for zak', Bob Venosa with wife, kid and Alex, Cadaqués 3. — 'zak & kingbee' in Cadaqués 4. — 'zak & kingbee' Milano roulette 5. — 'zak & kingbee' dog show Paris 6. — 'zak & kingbee' Nizza run with Bill Wyman & André Verdet

G – *Referring to photograph* In this it is winter time, no? Is there snow here?

A – No, no it’s a reflection. It’s wet. It has been raining. So it’s wet. The ground is wet.

G – No, that’s…

A – It’s a reflection. The sky is reflecting in the street.

G – Hmm…

G – Why is no reflection and why is reflection here?

A – Well it does reflect a little bit. You see…

G – That is wool…or is snow?

A – It looks like snow. But it’s a reflection of the sky in the street because the street is wet.

G – It cannot be so white.

A – Maybe I tricked it in the dark room. Maybe I wanted you to think it’s snow.

G – Ahh, good good good.

G – They do the photo any way. It’s not so precise.

A – Yeah, it is painted but it is very rough. It’s not the colors I want, in the negative.

G – It’s painted?

A – Yes. It’s photographed black and white and the color is painted on.

G – Ahh, then it’s overpaint?

A – Overpaint.

G – You color it then?

A – …

G – But nobody does the photo of somebody…everybody do any way?

A – Yes.

G –And it’s you who did it, this composition?

A – Yes.

G – You do photos…do photo here..and photo here…and photo here…and photo here…

G – And this, what is that?

A – Well, I’m curious what it is. I don’t know.

G – Oh you don’t know?

A – No, it is one of the miracles…

G – Ah you know what it is?

Girlfriend –  I have no idea. I wondered all the time.

G – *indistinct talking*

A – It looks like a tree.

G – Tree? No no. This is like, we have here…it’s not. It’s done with these circles, see? But not in this matter. *indistinct talking*

G – And this fabric?

A – Yeah, maybe it belongs to me you know?

G – Oh yes?

A – Since I photographed it, it does.

G – No. The photograph, that belongs to you. But fabric belong to you, or no?

A – No, not yet. I like this fabric. This is my fabric. This fabric, this like that.

G – this fabric here?

A – Yes.

1. — Roland Topor, artist portrait 2. — Dieter Roth, artist portrait b&w reproduction 3. — Richard Hamilton, artist portrait b&w reproduction 4. — Francis Bacon, artist portrait b&w reproduction

G – the other I would like to have also. Why not? So you work and then you receive the money. That’s all.

G – *referring to photo* That is you, yes?

A – Yes.

G – With the long hair.

G –  *referring to photo* That is Dalí?

A – Yes.

Girlfriend – Its near the swimming pool. Where the swimming pool is.

G – Here. Ah swimming pool. oh yes yes yes. Here. Yes yes yes

girlfriend – and those two girls are the gypsy girls.

G – Oh yes. Oh yes. Dali told me.

G – And that’s you?

A – No. A German boy.

G – That is a girl, yeah?

Girlfriend – It’s a boy. It’s a boy.

G – That is a boy?

G – But he has too much…

Girlfriend – It’s very colored.

G – Hmmm.

G – So you’re a photographer?

A – Also.

G – Huh?

A – Also. I am also a photographer.

G – But what are you first?

A – Well, everything. I used to be a photographer, straight. But now I like more actor…

G – You’re a painter?

A – Yes.

G – You’re a writer?

A – Not a writer. Not with words.

G – You’re a poet?

A – Well, I do narrative work where I write underneath the photograph.

G – No, poet. Do you know what?

A – Yes. I don’t write poetry.

G – That is not enough to be a poet.

A – Well, this is not a poetic piece. Let’s say it that way.

G – No, but that’s…*indistinct words*

G – You choose the model?

A – Yes. It’s an English model.

A – Do you know Frances Burgen?

G – Burgen. Yes.

G – And that’s Beckley. Bill Beckley. It’s you?

'zak race' Cadaques, sequence #1
'zak race' Cadaques, sequence #2

A – It’s Bill Beckley in New York. Young artist.

G – Who?

A – He’s an artist.

G – Yes, but what does he do?

A – He does narrative work. He works with photography.

G – Yes, then he’s a photographer.

A – Why do you want to call it?

G – *laughs* No, artist is a general name. You can be painter, you can sing, you can draw.

A – So is Dali a painter or an artist?

G – How you know him? He’s painter or not?

A – He’s painter. But he’s also an artist.

G – I suppose, I think, I think. I don’t know.

A – Are the photographers, are they artists, or not?

G – *indistinct talking*

A – So the photographers are not artists?

G – I don’t tell nothing. I have my mouth closed. I don’t answer you because if I tell you the truth, you will be immediately revolted.

A – No.

G – I already recognize your character…you might be..etc, etc…you are very volatile.

G – Then it’s better not to touch.

Girlfriend – it’s good to touch, it doesn’t matter.

G – Typical for the artist? For whom, typical?

Girlfriend – Typical for the artist.

G – For the artist? No, then he’s not volatile.

Girlfriend – No? Well…

G – *referring to photograph* Very simple. Very amber.

G – That is you?

A – Yes.

G – You see, I don’t recognize. But you…

A – I have a hat. That’s why I look different.

G – The hair should go out, but you put inside.

A – Yes, yeah.

G – That is to make this photo like art.

A – Yes, oh you’re very…so clever.

G – First, it’s not necessary to be very intelligent. Even a little intelligent to know what you are. That’s not what you are. I see you…*indistinct words*…I discover immediately that you are very volatile.

G – *giddy laughter*

'zak race' Cadaqués, sequence #3, Carlos, Bob Venosa and entourage
All photographs by Alex Kayser
Courtesy of Alex Kayser Foundation