L’orientation lacanienne:

le cours de Jacques-Alain Miller



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The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book I: Freud's Papers on Technique
(ed. J-A Miller), N.Y.: Norton, 1988).

Jan 13 1954

Introduction to the commentaries on Freud’s Papers on Technique

The seminar
Confusion in analysis
History is not the past
Theories of the Ego
Jan 20 1954

Preliminary comments on the problem of resistance

Analysis the first time
Materiality of discourse
Analysis of analysis
Freud’s megalomania?
Jan 27 1954

Resistance and the defenses

Margaret Little’s testimony
From Ego to Ego
Reality and fantasy of the trauma
History, the lived and the relived
Feb 3 1954

The ego and the other

Resistance and transference
The feeling of presence
Verwerfung VerdrÄngung
The inflections of speech
Feb 10 1954

Introduction and reply to Jean Hyppolite’s presentation of Freud’s Verneinung

The linguistic criss-crossing
The philosophical disciplines
The structure of hallucination
In every relation to the other, negation
Feb 17 1954

Discourse analysis and ego analysis

Anna Freud or Melanie Klein
Feb 24 1954

The topic of the imaginary

Meditations on optics
Introduction of the inverted bouquet
Reality: the original chaos
Imaginary: birth of the Ego
Symbolic: the position of the subject
Function of the myth of Oedipus in psychoanalysis
Mar 10 1954

The wolf! The wolf!

The case of Robert
Theory of the super-ego
The core of speech
Mar 17 1954

On narcissism

Concerning performatives
Sexuality and libido
Freud or Jung
The imaginary in neurosis
The symbolic in psychosis
Mar 24 1954

The two narcissisms

The notion of drive
The imaginary in animals and in man
Sexual behavior is particularly prone to the lure
The Urich
Mar 31 1954

Ego-ideal and ideal ego

Freud line by line
The lures of sexuality
The symbolic relation defines the position of
the subject in the imaginary
Apr 7 1954


The image of death
The sleeper’s real self
The name, the law
From the future to the past
May 5 1954

The see-saw of desire

Confusion of tongues in analysis
Birth of the I
Misrecognition [mÉconnaisance] is not ignorance
The mystique of introjections
On primary masochism
May 12 1954

The fluctuations of the libido

Agressivity aggression
The word elephant
The moorings of speech
Transference and suggestion
Freud and Dora
May 19 1954

The nucleus of repression

Naming desire
The prÄgung of the trauma
The forgetting of forgetting
The subject in science
The super-ego, a discordant statement
May 26 1954

Preliminary interventions on Balint

Theory of love
Definition of character
June 2 1954

The object relation and the intersubjective relation

Balint and Ferenczi
The satisfaction of need
The map of tenderness
Intersubjectivity in the perversions
Sartrian analysis
June 9 1954

The symbolic order

Perverse desire
Master and slave
Numerical structuration of the intersubjective field
The holophrase
Speech in the transference
Angelus silesius
June 16 1954

The creative function of speech

Every signification refers back to another signification
The companions of Odysseus
Transference and reality
The concept is the time of the thing
June 23 1954

De locutionis significatione

June 30 1954

Truth emerges from the mistake

Failed [ManquÉ] = successful
Speech from beyond discourse
The word escapes me [Le mot me manque]
The dream of the botanical mongraph
July 7 1954

The concept of analysis

The intellectual and the affective
Love and hate in the imaginary and in the symbolic
Ignorantia docta
Symbolic investiture
Discourse as labor
The obsessional and his master

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book II: The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis (ed. J-A Miller), N.Y.: Norton, 1988

Nov 17 1954

Psychology and metapsychology

Truth and knowledge
The dentist’s cogito
The I is not the Ego, the subject is not the individual
The crisis of 1920
Dec 1 1954

Knowledge, truth, opinion

Psychoanalysis and its concepts
A truth which cannot be grasped by bounded knowledge
Form and symbol
Pericles, psychoanalyst
The year’s program
Dec 8 1954

The symbolic universe

Dialogues concerning LÉvi-Strauss
Life and the machine
God, nature and the symbol
The natural imaginary
Freudian dualism
Dec 15 1954

A materialist definition of the phenomenon of consciousness

Experience and destiny
‘The core of our being’
The Ego is an object
Fascination, rivalry, recognition
Jan 12 1955

Homeostasis and insistence

Self-counting of the subject
Heterotopia of consciousness
The analysis of the Ego isn’t the analysis of the
Unconscious inside out
Jan 19 1955

Freud, Hegel and the machine

The death instinct
Freud’s rationalism
The master’s alienation
Psychoanalysis is not a humanism
Freud and energy
Jan 26 1955

The circuit

Maurice Merleau-Ponty and understanding
Conservation, entropy, information
Pleasure principle and reality principle
Gribouille’s apprenticeship
Reminiscence and repitition
Feb 2 1955

Introduction to the Entwurft

On the level of psychosomatic reactions
The Real is without fissure
The rediscovery of the object
Feb 9 1955

Play of writings

Madness is not dreaming
Four schemata
Opposition and mediation
The primary process
The entification of perception-consciousness
Feb 16 1955

From Entwurf to the Traumdeutung

Entropy taken literally
The paradoxes of Omega
Everything is always there
Dream and symptom
The conversation with Fleiss
Mar 2 1955

Censorship is not resistance

The message as an insistence of an interrupted discourse
The king of England is a fool
Freud and Fechner
Mar 9 1955

The difficulties of regression

Who is the subject?
Paradoxes of the Freudian schemata
Perception and hallucination
Function of the Ego
Mar 16 1955

The dream of Irma’s injection

Mar 23 1955

The dream of Irma’s injection (conclusion)

the imaginary, the real, and the symbolic
Mar 30 1955

Odd or Even? Beyond intersubjectivity

An ultimate Quod
The machine which plays
Memory and reminiscence
Introduction to the purloined letter
Apr 27 1955

The Purloined Letter

May 11 1955

Some questions for the teacher

The common discourse
Fulfillment of desire
The desire to sleep
The word and the guys
The question of realism
May 18 1955

Desire, life and death

The libido
Desire, sexual desire, instinct
Resistance of the analyst
The beyond of Oedipus
Life dreams only of dying
May 25 1955

Introduction of the big Other

Why the planets do not speak
Post-analytic paranoia
The Z-shaped schema
The other side of the wall of language
Imaginary re-membering [rememrement] and symbolic recognition
Why one trains analysts
June 1 1955

Subjectified analysis

A critique of Fairbairn
In analysis, why does one speak?
The imaginary economy and the symbolic register
The irrational number
June 8 1955


The husband, the wife and the god
The woman, object of exchange
Me, who kicks you out
The splitting [dÉdoublements] of the obsessional
June 15 1955

Where is speech? Where is language?

The apologue of the Martian
The apologue of the three prisoners
June 22 1955

Psychoanalysis and cybernetics, or on the nature of language

June 29 1955

A, m, a, S

Verbum and Dabar
The machine and intuition
Schema of the cure
The libidinal and the symbolic

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book III: The Psychoses
(ed. Jacques-Alain Miller), N.Y.: Norton, 1993)

Nov 16 1955

Introduction to the question of the psychoses

Schizophrenia and paranoia
M. de ClÉrambault
The mirages of understanding
From Verneinung to Verwerfung
Psychosis and psychoanalysis
Nov 23 1955

The meaning of delusion

Critique of Kraepelin
Dialectical inertia
SÉglas and psychomotor hallucination
President Schreber
Nov 30 1955

The Other and psychosis

Homosexuality and paranoia
The word and the refrain
Automatism and endoscopy
Paranoid knowledge
Grammar of the unconscious
Dec 7 1955

“I’ve just been to the butcher’s”

What returns in the Real
Puppets of delusion
R. S. I. in language
The erotization of the signifier
Dec 14 1955

On a god who does not deceive and one who does

Psychosis is not a simple fact of language
The dialect of symptoms
It really must be rather pleasant to be a woman…
God and science
Schreber’s God
Dec 21 1955


Jan 11 1956

The psychotic phenomenon and its mechanism

Certainty and reality
Schreber is no poet
The notion of defense
Verdichtung, VerdrÄngung,
Verneinung, and Verwerfung
Jan 18 1956

The imaginary dissolution

Dora and her quadrilateral
Eros and aggression in the male stickleback
What is called the father
The fragmentation of identity
Jan 25 1956

The symbolic sentence

The notion of defense
The patient’s testimony
The sense of reality
Verbal phenomena
Feb 1 1956

On nonsense and the structure of God

Principles of the analysis of delusion
Delusional interloction
Being forsaken
Dialogue and voluptiousness
God’s politics
Feb 8 1956

On the signifier in the real and the bellowing-miracle

Psychiatry’s main fact
The discourse of freedom
The peace of the evening
Subjective topology
Feb 15 1956

On the rejection of a primordial signifier

A twin that is big with delusion
Day and night
Letter 52
Mar 14 1956

The hysteric’s question

On the preverbal world
Preconscious and unconscious
Sign, trace, signifier
A traumatic hysteria
Mar 21 1956

The hysteric’s question (II): What is a woman?

Dora and the feminine organ
The signifying dissymmetry
The symbolic and procreation
Freud and the signifier
Apr 11 1956

The signifier, as such, signifies nothing

The notion of structure
Subjectivity in the real
How to locate the beginning of a delusion
The betweein-I’s
Apr 18 1956

On primordial signifiers and the lack of one

A crossroads
Basic signifiers
A new signifier in the real
Approaches to the hole
Identificatory compensation
Apr 25 1956

Secretaries to the insane

A reading
Soul murder
The implications of the signifier
The little men
The three functions of the father
May 2 1956

Metaphor and metonymy (I): “His sheaf was neither miserly nor spiteful”

The truth of the father
The invasion by the signifier
Syntax and metaphor
Wernicke’s aphasia
May 9 1956

Metaphor and metonymy (II): Signifying articulation and transference of the signified

Sensory aphasia and motor aphasia
The positional link
All language is metalanguage
Detail and desire
May 16 1956

An address: Freud in the century

May 30 1956

The appeal, the allusion

The onset of psychosis
Speaking out
The madness of love
The evolution of delusion
June 6 1956

The quilting point

Sense and scansion
The full circle and segmentation
Yes, I come into his temple…”
The fear of God
The father, a quilting point
June 13 1956

“Thou art the one who wilt follow me”

The Other is a locus
The You of the Superego
Devolution and observation
The voice
Interpellation of the signifier
June 20 1956

The highway and the signifier “being a father”

Thou art the one who followst me the best.
Thou art the one who follows me like a little dog.
Thou art the one who did follow me that day.
Thou art the one who didst follow me through trials.
Thou art the one who followst the law…the text.
Thou art the one who follows the mob.
Thou art the one who didst follow me.
Thou art the one who did follow me.
Thou art the one who art.
Thou art the one who is.
June 27 1956

“Thou art”

Forms of gaps
The verb To be
From the thou to the Other
The tortoise and the two ducks
The onset of psychosis
July 4 1956

The phallus and the meteor

Prevalence of castration
Ida Macalpine
Natural symbolization and sublimation
The rainbow
Inserted in the father

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book VII: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis
(ed. Jacques-Alain Miller), N.Y: Norton, 1997

Nov 18 1959

Outline of the seminar

The attraction of transgression
From Aristotle to Freud
The Real
The three ideals
Nov 25 1959

Pleasure and Reality

The moral agency actualizes the Real
Inertia and Rectification
Reality is precarious
Opposition and intersection of the principles
Dec 2 1959

Rereading the Entwurf

An ethics not a psychology
How reality is constituted
A topology of subjectivity
Dec 9 1959

Das Ding

Sache und wort
Dec 16 1959

Das Ding (II)

The combinatoire of the Verstellungen
The limit of pain
Between perception and consciousness
The intersaid of Verneinung
Mother as Das Ding
Dec 23 1959

On the moral law

The critique of practical reason
Philosophy in the boudoir
The Ten Commandments
The epistle to the Romans
Jan 13 1960

Drives and lures

The domain of the pastoral
The paradox of the moral conscience
World and body
The problem of the object relation
Jan 20 1960

The object and the thing

The psychology of affects
The Kleinian myth of the mother
Kantian fables
Sublimation and perversion
The fable of Jacques PrÉvert, collector
Jan 27 1960

On creation ex nihilo

The wonders of psychoanalysis
That which in the real suffers from the signifier
The fable of the pot and the vase
Introduction to catharism
The drive, an ontological notion
Feb 3 1960

Marginal comments

Gnomic propositions
Art, religion, science
On the subject of Spitz
Anamorphosis and architecture
The primacy of the Es
Feb 10 1960

Courtly love as anamorphosis

On the history and ends of art
The sublimation of the father
On the subject of Bernfeld
The vacuole and the inhuman partner
Negotiating the detour
Mar 2 1960

A critique of Bernfeld

Reaction formation and sublimation
The precociousness of sublimation
Between Freudian aesthetics and ethics
Sublimation and identification
Mar 9 1960

A curiosity

Mar 16 1960

The death of God

On sexual symbolism
From the Numen to Moses� message
The great man and his murder
Freud�s Christocentrism
Jouissance and debt
Mar 20 1960

Love of one's neighbor

A special god
Fool and knave
The truth about truth
Why jouissance is evil
Saint Martin
Kantian tales
Apr 27 1960

The jouissance of transgression

The barrier to jouissance
The respect of the image of the Other
Sade, his fantasm and his doctrine
Fragmented and indestructible
May 4 1960

The death drive

Marx and the progressives
Jouissance, the satisfaction of a drive
The system of Pope Pius VI
Creationism and evolutionism
Woman as ex nihilo
May 11 1960

The function of the good

Saint Augustine and Sade
Memory, facilitation, rite
The subject, elision of a signifier
The textile fable
Utility and jouissance
May 18 1960

The function of the beautiful

The duplicity of the good
On the potlatch
The discourse of science forgets nothing
Outrage and pain
May 25 1960

The splendor of Antigone

The meaning of catharsis
Hegel's weakness
The function of the chorus
Goethe's wish
June 1 1960

The articulations of the play

June 8 1960

Antigone between two deaths

Sophocles' anti-humanism
The law of ex nihilo
The death drive illustrated
June 15 1960


June 22 1960

The demand for happiness and the promise of analysis

Desire and the last judgment
The second death
The fable of the clodhoppers
Hades and Dionysus
The analyst's desire
June 29 1960

The moral goals of psychoanalysis

The bourgeois dream
Oedipus, Lear, and the service of goods
The incorporation of the Superego
The three fathers
Unreconciled Oedipus
July 6 1960

The paradoxes of ethics or Have you acted in conformity with your desire?

The comic dimension
The fable of the cash register
Desire and guilt
Giving ground relative to one's desire
Religion, science and desire

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book VIII: Transference
(ed. Jacques-Alain Miller), Polity, 2015

Nov 16 1960
In the beginning was love
Plato's Schwarmerei
Socrates and Freud
A crit
The three ideals

The Mainspring of Love:
Comentary on Plato's Symposium

Nov 23 1960

Set and characters

the symposium, a session
Recording on the brain
Greek love
Nov 30 1960

The metaphor of love: Phaedrus

The other's being: an object
from "know thyself" to "he doesn't know"
the gods belong to the real
orpheus, alcestis, and achilles
Dec 7 1960

The psychology of the rich: Pausanias

The myth of beloved's molting
the rules of pla
calvinist love
kojeve and aristophanes hiccoughs
Dec 14 1960

Medical harmony: Eryximachus

on the supposed science in love
from the good to desire
medicine and science
the path of comedy
Jan 21 1960

Deriding the shere: Aristophanes

From the universe to truth
Socrates and his witness
The clown [pitre]
Perfect motion
Jan 11 1961

The atopia of Eross: Agathon

The commandments of the second death
The signifier and Immortality
the analysts desire
the tragedian's macronic fancy
Jan 18 1961

From episteme to mythous

from love to desire
the limits of socratic knowledge
socrates "diocesed"
masculine desirable, feminine desiring
love as metaxu
January 25 1961

Exit From the Ultra-World

The fascination with beauty
Identification with what is supremely lovable
socrates' "he did not know"
it takes three to love
the object of unique covetousness
Feb 1 1961


Agalma the master
The festish function
The god trap
from the partial object to the other
A subject is an other
feb 8 1961

Between Socrates and Alcibiades

why socrates does not love
"i am nothing"
socrates' interpretation
the revelation that is ours

The Object of Desire and the Dialectic of Castration

Mar 1 1961

Transference in the present

Decline of the other
Dignity of the subject
Transference is not just repetition
the true mainspring of love
Socrates' interpretation
Mar 8 1961

A critique of countertransference

the unconscious is, at firrst, the other's
Desire in the case of the analyst
the analytic game of bridge
Paula Heimann and Money-Kyrle
The latent effect linked to inscience
March 15 1961

Demand and Desire in the Oral and Anal Stages

Psychoanalysts and drives
The gaping maw of life
From the pole to the partner
Mar 22 1961

Oral, anal, and genital

The jouissance of the praying Mantis
The Other, depository of desire
Desire's dependence on demand
The privilege of the phallus
april 12 1961

Psyche and the castration complex

Zucchi and Apuleius
The tribulations of the soul
The castration complex as a paradox
the signifierness of the phallus
The analyst's desire
april 19 1961

The symbol Φ

Arcimbolodo and persona
the lack of a signifer
The signifier that is always veiled
The phallus in hysteria
April 26 1961

Real presence

the contemporary farce
the obsessive's phallicism
the signifier that is excluded from the signifying system
phobia and perversion

The Oedipal Myth Today

May 3 1961

Sygne's no

...where we are supposed to know
Contemporary tragedy
Twitching on the part of life
a breach beyond faith
May 10 1961
Turelure's abjection
the father's (hi)story
may 17 1961

Pensee's desire

saying no...
tradgedy is resborn
as is desire, myth, and innocence
the other incarnated in this woman
Unreconciled Oedipus
may 24 1961

Structural decomposition

The analyst: object or subject
the structural analysis of myth
so-called normality
the earliest Versagung
The subject exchanged for [the object of] of his desire

Capital I and little a

may 31 1961

Slippage in the meaning of the ideal

effects of the psychoanalytic group
action as a response to the unconscious
There is no such thing as metalanguage
love and guilt
june 7 1961

Identification VIA "ein einziger zug"

The primitive monad of jouissance
introjection of the imperative object
the other in the mirror stage
the three modes
of rich people and saints
june 14 1961

The relationship between anxiety and desire

The place of anxiety as a signal
a is not equal to i(a)
the unbearable object
the place of pure desirousness
desire as a remedy for anxiety
June 21 1961

"A dream of a shadow is man"

a fly in the field of the other
with an analyst, man awakens
abraham and partial love
from narcissism to the object
the fox and tip of hs nose
June 281961

Mourning the loss of the analyst

the little a of desire
the sadean
"I desire"
The subject exchanged for [the object of] of his desire

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book X: Anxiety (ed. Jacques-Alain Miller), N.Y.: Polity, 2014

nov 14 1962

Anxiety in the net of signifiers

The desire of the other?
Towards an orography of anxiety
Seriousness, care, expectation
Inhibition, impediment, embarrassment
Inhibition, emotion, turmoil
nov 21 1962

Anxiety, sign of desire

An ideal of straightforwardness
Hegel & Lacan
The desire of the Other in five formulae
Division and its remainder
I desire you, even if I know it not
nov 28 1962

From the cosmos to the unheimliche

The specular and the signifier
From the world to the world's stage
Hamlet and the stage on the stage
LÉvi Strauss's Serenity
Anything whatsoever in the blacnk of the phallus
dec 5 1962

Beyond castration anxiety

The object as a spare part
The Hoffnmannian object
The object a postiche
The object-demand
The object that is not missing
dec 12 1962

That which deceives

Pavlov, Goldstein and the Other's demand
Jones and the Other's jouissance
The traces of the subject
The cuts of the drive
Pascal and the vacuum experiment
dec 19 1962

That which deceives not

One of Ferenczi's precious points
Anxiety is framed
Anxiety is not without object
From anxiety to action
On the demands of the God of the Jews
jan 9 1963

Not without having it

jan 16 1963

The cause of desire

The object behind desire
The sadist's identification with the fetish object
The masochist's indentification with the common object
The presence of real love in transference
The young homosexual woman, dropped
jan 30 1963

On a lack that is irreducible to the signifier

Differential topology of holes
A lack for which the symbol cannot comepnsate
The object in transference
Margaret Little and her capital R
feb 27 1963

Punctuations on desire

From countertransference to the analyst's desire
Desire as a will to jouissance
Desire, from conflict to love
mar 6 1963

Anxiety, Signal of the real

Chekhov's panic fears
Agatha and lucy
Perversion and the Other's anxiety
The mamma and the deciduous object
From detumescence to castration
mar 13 1963

Aphorisms on love

Negation in russian
Desire and the professor
The subject of jouissance
The ais not a signifier
Man and woman
mar 20 1963

Woman, truer and more real

Tiresias struck blind
The hole, the void, and the pot
Woman lacks nothing
Don Juan, a woman's dream
Lucia Tower and her desire
mar 27 1963

Men's business

Lucia Tower and the Oedipal comedy
What lacks, men's business
What is ridiculously termed perversion
A vessel with neither inside nor outside
Circumcision, an institution
may 8 1963

Buddha's eyelids

The cause, a syncope of the object
The certainty of anxiety
THe Jews and the function of the remnant
Christian masochism
Man or woman?
may 15 1963

The mouth and the eye

The lips, the teeth, the tongue
The nursling, parasite
The anxiety-point and the point of desire
anxiety and orgasm
The scopic cancelling-out of castration
may 22 1963

The voice of yahweh

Reik and the use of the symbol
The sound of the shofar
May God remember
The function of the beauty spot
What regards us
may 29 1963

The evanescent phallus

The pedagogy of castration
Jouissance in the fantasy
The Wolf Man's defecation
Always too soon
The dead ends of desire
june 5 1963

What comes in through the ear

Deceptive phallic might
The infant's monologue
Isakower's prawn
The incorporation of the voice
The God's ensnared in desire
June 12 1963

Piaget's tap

The category of cause
Forming the symptom
A matter of understanding
Water and desires
The five levels in the consitution of the a
june 19 1963

From anal to ideal

The object's circular constitution
The origin of cause
Jones and the Immaculate Conception
The love beyond the phallus
The desire of the gods
june 26 1963

On a circle that is irreducible to a point

On the yieldable object
On defence-desire
On the act and deeds
On the phallic hole and its stand-ins
Love and desire in the obsessional
July 3 1963

From the a to the names-of-the-father

The scopic masking of the object a
Birth as an intrusion of the Other
To separate and to hold back
Mourning, mania, and melancholia
The voice, the father the name, and love

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XI: The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (ed. Jacques-Alain Miller), N.Y.: Norton, 1998

Jan 15 1964


Am I qualified?
The essence of comedy
What is a praxis?
Between science and religion
The Hysteric and Freud's Own Desire
JAn 19 1964

The articulations of the play

Jan 22 1964

The Freudian unconscious and ours

Pensée sauvage
There is cause only in something that doesn't work
Gap, obstacle, discovery, loss
Jan 29 1964

The subject of certainty

Neither being, nor non-being
Finitude of desire
The elusive
The status of the unconscious is ethical
That all theory has to be revised
Freud, Cartesian
The desire of the hysteric
Feb 5 1964

Of the network of signifiers

thoughts of the unconscious
the colophon of doubt
subversion of the subject
introduction to repetition
the real is that which always comes back to the same place
Feb 12 1964

Tuché and automaton

the real as trauma
theory of the dream and of waking
consciousness and representation
god is unconscious
the objet petit a in the fort-da

Of the Gaze as Objet petit a

Feb 19 1964

The split between the eye and the gaze

The split of the subject
the facticity of the trauma
maurice merleau-ponty
the philosophical tradition
the all-seer
in the dreams, it shows
Feb 26 1964


Of the foundation of consciousness
the privelege of the gaze as objet a
the optics of the blind
the phallus in the picture
Mar 4 1964

The line and light

desire and the picture
the story of a sardine can
the screen
the organ
you never look at me from the place i see you
Mar 11 1964

What is a picture?

being and semblance
the lure of the screen
dompte-regard and trompe-l'oeil
the backward glance
gesture and touch
le donner à voir and invidia

The Transference and the Drive

Apr 15 1964

The presence of the analyst

problems of the transference
obscurantism in analysis
ablata causa
the Other, already there
the unconscious is outside
an article in the international journal
Apr 22 1964

Analysis and truth or the closure of the unconscious

telling the truth, lying, being wrong
the i lie and the i think
homunculus or $
the validity of psychology
illusion and its rectification
the transference is the enaction of the reality of the unconscious
Apr 29 1964

Sexuality in the defiles of the signifier

the reality of the unconscious is sexual
of chinese astronomy
against jung and against hermeneutics
desexualization of reality
the entrance into the unconscious
ann o. And freud's desire
May 6 1964

The deconstruction of the drive

May 13 1964

The partial drive and its circuit

die ganze sexualstrebung
every drive is partial
drive, sex and death
the supposed stages
May 29 1964

From love to Libido

The Subject and the Other

The Field of the Other and back to the Transference

May 27 1964

The subject and the Other: alienation

the piagetic error
your money or your life!
the why?
June 3 1964

The subject and the Other: aphanisis

the question of the vorstellungsreprasentanz
representation and the hegelian lure
descartes' desire
scepticism, certainty and the subject who is supposed to know
small letters
the value of the pavlovian experiment
June 10 1964

Of the subject who is supposed to know, of the first dyad, and of the good

the trust placed in the analyst
science itself
as soon as there is a subject who is supposed to know, there is transference
alienation apprehended in the fort-da
alienation in pleasure
June 17 1964

From interpretation to the transference

Field of the ego and field of the other
interpretation is not open to all meanings
indetermination and determination of the subject
love, transference, desire
the slave
the ego ideal and the petit a


June 24 1964

In you more than you

i love you, but, inexplicably i love in you something more than
you - the objet petit a - i mutilate you

Thee Séminaire of Jacques Lqacan :Book XVII: The Other Side of Psychoanalysis (ed. Jacques-Alain Miller), N.Y.: Norton, 2006

Nov 26 1969

Production of the four discourses

discourse without speech
loci preinterpret
the relationship between knowledge and jouissance
the slave robbed of his knowledge
the desire to know
Dec 10 1969


("following session: agitation")
Dec 17 1969

The master and the hysteric

Knowledge that is not known
The hysterization of discourse
Knowledge and truth
The half-said
enigma, citation, interpretation
Jan 14 1970

Knowledge, a means of jouissance

how i am translated
dominants and facts of structure
repetition and jouissance
the production of entropy
truth is impotence
Jan 21 1970

Truth, the sister of jouissance

logic and truth
wittgenstein's psychosis
politzer and the university
de sade's humor
Feb 11 1970

The Lacanian field

Freud masks his discourse
the happiness of the phallus
means of jouissance
hegel, marx, and thermodynamics
wealth, property of the wealthy
Feb 18 1970

The castrated master

the master signifier determines castration
science, myth, the unconscious
dora and her father
unusable oedipus
Mar 11 1970

Oedipus and Moses and the father of the horde

the master's pure knowledge
the malaise of the astudied
genealogy of surplus value
the field of bullshitting
the oedipus complex, freud's dream
Mar 18 1970

From myth to structure

truth, castration, and death
father, a structural operator
the dead father is jouissance
act and agent
the hysteric wants a master
Apr 8 1970


Apr 15 1970

Yahweh's ferocious ignorance

freud and sellin
false interpretation
making perfume
moses slain
the marital allegory
May 13 1970

Interview on the steps of the Pantheon

philosophy and psychoanalysis
science and psychoanalysis
the student and the proletarian
May 20 1970

Furrows in the alethosphere

there's only one affect
the object a and the cogito
science and perception
the multiplication of lathouses
June 10 1970

The impotence of truth

freud and the four discourses
capitalism and the university
hegel's practical jokes
impotence and impossibility
what can a marriage do?
June 17 1970

The power of the impossibles

A bit of shame in the sauce
the milk of truth puts one to sleep
the luster of the real
the student, brother of the lumpen-proletariat
a little shelter
Dec 3 1969

Appendix A: Analyticon

an agitator prepares his own chocolate
the impasse of psychoanalytic selection
credit points
nothing is everything
look at them doing it

Appendix B: Monsieur Caquot's presentation

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XX: EncoreOn Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge. (edited by Jacques-Alain Miller), N.Y.: Norton, 1998

1972-1973 Dec 12 1972

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Dec 19 1972

To Jakobson

Jan 9 1973

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Aristotle and Freud: the other satisfaction

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God andBarred Womanjouissance

Mar 13 1973

A love letter (une lettre d'âmour)

Mar 20 1973

Knowledge and truth

Apr 10 1973


May 8 1973

On the Baroque

May 15 1973

Rings of string

June 26 1973

The rat in the maze


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