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Certainly marked by the work of Jacques Lacan, much as by the writing on Jacques Lacan, lacanian ink has been going for 19 consecutive years.

And lacanian ink belongs in NYC, it was born here, it is done here.

In this particular sense I was happy to realize how, together with a number of other journals, lacanian ink has been a witness to contemporary culture in the last decade. Today, there are few of them that continue. Bomb and lacanian ink are two of them.

"If I am anything in the picture it is always in the form of a screen."

This screen casts a shadow. Lacan calls it scotoma - as in medicine - or a stain, or a spot. Set out to cause perplexity and desire, lacanian ink wants to be a disquieting object to the US culture. Here it spills, marks… Something of the ink reassembles the stain—perhaps lacanian lnk is akin to the function of silence, as regards to the analyst. The subject divides: the desire to be seen goes together with the desire to see more. Split between perseverance when the cause is a good one, and obstinacy when the cause is bad, I hope lacanian ink is a blend of both—perseverance and obstinacy. Specially honored by the writings of Jacques-Alain Miller, Alain Badiou, Slavoj Žižek… the certain authors became enduring contributors, as well as permanent speakers at the twice a year Lacanian Ink event to follow both, the Autumn and Spring issues. Again, "this is the only publication," says Žižek, "I write for in a regular basis."

A witness to the Arts, lacanian ink set out a lacanian critique. Today, the special kind of critique spreads way beyond the journal.

—Josefina Ayerza, Editor

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