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Archive for January, 2010

Marie de la Trinitée analysante de Lacan

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kristell Jeannot: Mary of the Trinity, analysand of Lacan.

Is it necessary to adjudicate the mystical oeuvre of Mary of the Trinity? I mean to study nothing but its other side. In fact, Mary allowed us to understand the other side of her mysticism, the clinical real that it covered, by the account of her analysis with Lacan. A courageous act. Beyond the editorial form of her mysticism, she provides a glimpse of the knotted secrets of an impasse that would cause her descent into what she named her “Examination of Job”. If the religious, said Lacan,“ put God in charge of the cause, but (cuts off) its own access to the truth there,” oh well, Mary, she teaches a lesson in ethics: she endeavors to say it succinctly, particularly in relating the things Lacan shared with her.

In the beginning of her analysis, Mary raised her complaint toward things exterior to her that will have caused her to be sick. Dr. Lacan disabused her of her Pascalian diversions: “You had to put yours there in order to make it so.” Here is thus a succinct traversing of her analysis, a going-through of subjective rectifications brought about by the analyst. I have arranged this material using a model formed by tradition, that of the seven deadly sins.

Lacan told her: “There were other things besides love of God. If there were nothing but love of God, this wouldn’t have happened.” (more…)

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