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Leo, Urs Fischer in Paris

Saturday, October 26, 2019

You look, you look … you look — you are, searching. Now you say I see! It means you’ve stoppedlooking. Let the viewer fade, the want-to-be will translate into a hole as it moves away from the ontological. Who do you think is watching, who is watching you when you move through the painting? Eyes … someone is not a body anymore, someone is only the one glaring eye. It. comes right out, but if you see yourself seen before time, you lose the game. You think, you are looking at the painting and you realize, it’s looking at you… It stole your eye – the very one



October 14–December 20, 2019

Gagosian, Paris.

What if the Phone Rings? archives Unmonumental, The Symptom

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