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Zadig ou la Destinée



Philosophical novella




SYMPTOM 17 is being launched into bengal light. Set to shine in the proposal of the new, it will draw the skies in triangles and circles of fire. Where your destiny is One it takes on a universal character. The individual fights the individual, the Ego opposes the Ego… 

You raise your cup in behalf of the future that's opening a shortcut, to you...!

From the echoes of J-A Miller's conference in Madrid it will read ZADIG 0 ABJECT… in a Rock-a-bye-Baby song where the Cuco challenges the child that won't go to sleep early enough, throughout "the narcissism of lost causes…" 

After Althusser, "the political has little to do with consciousness, it is profoundly unconscious."


The scandalous thing about Heidegger is how every one of his articles ends with "... to the man of this unprecedented will, to our Führer Adolf Hitler, a threefold Sieg, Heil!”

We want to perceive and even preserve the intended meaning of why he did this. Heidegger was living in a world of Hitler. As we have lived through Bush, through Obama, and now through Trump. We may not be the ones voting for these leaders but we live in the world of them. And what this mean is that we play by the rules, their rules.

The ZADIG 0 ABJECT move — Last but not least Heidegger goes on to proclaim "the German people has been summoned by the Führer to vote; the Führer however is asking nothing from the people. Rather he is giving the people the possibility of making, directly, the highest free decision of all: whether the entire people wants its own existence Dasein or whether it does not want it. Tomorrow the people will choose nothing less than its future." It is the plebiscite with which Germany will retire from the League of Nations on 1933.

Heidegger used a structure and structures are how we move with Lacan. When Jünger talked about forms, like Aristotle he talked about ideas that live in structures, to a point that the form—the idea, becomes a structure itself. This is the case with Heidegger.

Heil is an acknowledgment of the authority that the country has given Hitler, not an alignment. We see Hitler’s disasters and we do not see Heiddiger together with the disasters… Let us perceive Heidegger's line to authority the way we go through the elected heads of the state we live in. We can now reframe Heidegger’s introduction as a Lacanian structure.

For Heidegger Dasein equals Care, or the certain mode of "being-in-the-world." Again, for Heidegger thinking is thinking about things we discover in our everyday life, so thinking is not the central quality of our being. In a second instance Heiddiger perceives the human being fundamentally structured by its temporality. Time existing as a structurally open "possibility-for-being,” Heidegger emphasizes the importance of Authenticity as it involves a truthful relationship to our thrownness (geworfenheit) as being thrown into a world which, we are "always already" concerned with.

Geworfen denotes the arbitrary or inscrutable nature of Dasein that connects the past with the present. The subject divides. The desire to be seen Geworfen, goes together with the desire to see more. For Walter Benjamin "Our Image of Happiness is indissolubly bound up with the image of the past."

Let Heidegger be the Symptom …
Heidegger is not Descartes, with whom , “You think, ergo you exist."
Your Heiddeger "thinking about things you discover in your everyday life," won’t take you that far.

More likely it will point to the a lack… the lack-in-being. Like Woman, like the analyst… does Heiddeger exist? An objet a in the discourse, we structure around it.





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