Sem. X, Chp. XX: What Comes in Through the Ear

Video clip: Alice in Wonderland, 1993, directed by Norman Z. McLeod

​”Oughtn’t we to be guided here by the little door – it’s never a bad way in – through which I’ve been introducing you to the problem, namely, the constitution of the a as a remainder? In every case, if its conditions really are those I’ve been telling you, we’ve only got this phenomenon in the state of a remainder, that is, on the tape reel. Otherwise, at the very most we have merely the far-off murmur which might break off at any moment should we appear. Doesn’t this introduce us to the consideration that a path is being offered us here, by which to grasp that, for the subject in the making, we really ought to seek out the remainder on the side of a voice unfastened from its support.

Be very careful here. We really mustn’t move too fast.”

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Sem. X, Chp. XIV: Woman, Truer and More Real


A web of lies and holes in the Real.

And everything she wrote to him, she says, was truly, I quote her, a web of lies. Stitch by stitch, I created a character, what I wanted to be in his eyes, which I in no way was. I’m afraid it was a purely fictional enterprise, which I pursued most doggedly, enveloping myself she says, in a kind of cocoon. She adds, very gently – You know, he had a tough time getting over it. — Sem. X, Chp. XV

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Eating Alone in the Byways of Smithson [excerpt]


by Cathy Lebowitz

Originally published in lacanian ink 38.

[…] Smithson maps the mind onto the earth by setting words in poetic relation: glacial reveries, mental rivers, cliffs of thought undermined by brain waves. Like the earth, the mind is in a constant state of erosion. In his essay “A Sedimentation of the Mind,” his comparisons and conflations repeatedly draw attention to a surface invaded by crevices. It becomes an ideology. “Words and rocks contain a language that follows a syntax of splits and ruptures.” Like Lacan’s unconscious, Smithson’s words and rocks are structured like a language[…]

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Chp XV045

by Rapunzel

Lacan was speaking of the difference between fear and anxiety—fear doesn’t have an object, anxiety is not without one. Even if we cannot locate the object, anxiety is not without it. Fear, it’s the fact that there is no object cause of the fright. The object that Anxiety is not without is an object cause—cause of the desire. Again, the particular object precedes anxiety.
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