Sem. X, Chp. XX: What Comes in Through the Ear

Video clip: Alice in Wonderland, 1993, directed by Norman Z. McLeod

​”Oughtn’t we to be guided here by the little door – it’s never a bad way in – through which I’ve been introducing you to the problem, namely, the constitution of the a as a remainder? In every case, if its conditions really are those I’ve been telling you, we’ve only got this phenomenon in the state of a remainder, that is, on the tape reel. Otherwise, at the very most we have merely the far-off murmur which might break off at any moment should we appear. Doesn’t this introduce us to the consideration that a path is being offered us here, by which to grasp that, for the subject in the making, we really ought to seek out the remainder on the side of a voice unfastened from its support.

Be very careful here. We really mustn’t move too fast.”