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Diary Entry II, 9 December 2013: CRISES AND PSYCHE
Roger Van Voorhees

By the light’s races which took me to you

I began with the shadow

and forclosed my speech –

obscuring the eyes, as if I can read

what remains unseen: a shade

holding the stars that rush away from the outer limits

of the city –

rose galaxy lost,

whose conductions motion me

accorded by all that goes missing

now I am operated as an idea,

and at last this moment is fitted

and loses its place,

whose indistinction designs

a new lack of personality,

and so refreshes us forever.

For the fitting must articulate the moment we resurrect –

New suit and tie –

Crisis and psyche entwined –

I remain

with you wherever you depart –

as love reinvents

classes are described by the new usages.

Articulating my expulsion

clapped free of

the epoch and its landing flash,

I recover the shadow –

the hospitals blossom only for you, to water

the life, whose affection

embraces this clairvoyance

as it encases the light with a coating of silver,

such that the flame rises within a mist

of the consciousness that is its containment,

the scenes of its existence going up

as a cloud of perfume commercials.

Glints of mortality interupt the reverie, the ascent

reaching after an extreme, until its escalation

breaks upon an always deepening inflection of fact –

this whole new world of facts

which has just begun

to experience us for the very first time.


Soon enough another rose will lose its authority

as a velvet warrior of wallpaper entombs the sea

for which I speak,

back-lit by this rain that will only walk

because it never thinks

while standing forth its behemoth of décor,

the era is already bled

to death at the hands of all spaces.

Kiss on my hand

waved forth by the new life, whenever the life

waves onwards like a woman

changing her mind –

to weigh us down with magnetism

lifted by this exit that compels you –

and fall again into life

and so acquit of all purpose our characters –

as when one’s hope has no use, and freedom

proceeds from suspended emergency.

Quivering alongside your disquiet is this stalk

of spearmint, glittering

alone as it bristles with heightened sensitivity,

and amplifies itself

at the Arctic Circle’s heart.


The corduroy lamp stains us

with many lights

listing as I write, misplaced

and out of joint

for you what belongs nowhere

and to nobody: many variations of plantlife

who love to be sung to and touched

often, and the faculty office tether into focus:

a butterfly net – whose swishing

bypasses this network

and squadrons of the policing parrots – a total

broken off the repetition of idea

into randomized particles of speech.

Moods as catches: a holiday

butterfly – and once it is set off – realizing

many events – insurgency budget

invest of its celebration –

a sparksurpasing all sequence, as you resign

the purpose and result, to cure

of the straight jacket ordaining want, and tie

of magic separations this noose

going to flower.

Every thinking miracle –

alienate and smear the page

with clarity; for the task is to disinclude, and so find

distinction you’d have never known was there.


It is a flesh renewal each ommision purifies,

as friendship encircle

a hollowing spot

you learn the repulsion

is a secret to invert, and so invite

what welcome turns

the exclusivity you design

so as to stimulate something special –

and rotate and give away

smile of the friend defusing function,

nerves “going for it,”

a disimilarity recovered

by shown spasms of attitude –

for the hilarity breaks

aquarium hysteria –

and health resurgence, as the agencies are detached

by fascination and study of toxin –

circled when every station accepts a driving impulse

to insult

and imposture –

any and all feature is justified,

raising sensitivity

like hairs:

a skin that stretches its horizons

as the distinguished equals drop from pattern.


When it rains

it pours –

feels allowed as ever to speak on my behalf –

a market biology – afternoon

twilight drop two style points

off the exhange –

and the marigold conglomerate

as the diary extend my anatomy,

a jacket lining today

of acts


and unknown –

overheard as this surface Angel

compiling annuity the Peach Arsenal –

as I can see now how you roughen the light

to be rumpled history –

when I watch for myself,

as if a bystander

rising with the lilac tide.  And the nose is a locator –

searches waylaid ecstasies of fluoroscence

for the request: the honey-suckle drifters, who smile and tip

their hats, ticking by

one after another as they pass.


It came off as no secret

and the aspect

broken off moments, the light

placed, so that existing

just now you reminded me of

a rose, imaged

the way the curtains shift

you past the horizon,

with a rippling gesture to reflect

– as flesh chases wind –

the impermanence you seek.

And the utterance

lifts, when borne forth hesitating it is an energy


to unfasten the dragon’s tail

from a reality which credit

deadpans all over the pilloried earth –

until siblings

blazing contrast the trial

merged oceans

with those writing clans

to behave

as if there can be no interest in a part

or whole; creatures not of light

or shadow, to evaporate as an empire

dialed downwards, until its resolution

alights as a figured seed of thousands –

one alone absorbs of gravity

company collect

by rumor

at lost controls –

for a writing table will atomize

the five days business week,

whose exploits put to aspersion of

use our writing tribes

who make these rains of no capital –

policy parrots and rentals of fun

that if the desert’s every corner fold

and return their favor –

to unladen its meaning

such that a three sides weekend consciousness can spell

the infinitude with a next story: spirits

who insinuate the existence gaining by every leap

and crack unaccounted for –

who are the grass signatories that inform my lamp

and by whose lights I am an attracted

mist of fragment – for the generator is an enmity –

see its kissing repellents charge

with outgoing charm the welcome lightyears gathered as lakes,

whose innings twitter and split

as the phrase and life communicator.


Souvenirs treated of

storied sound

place beside me my timing –

reading schedule –

white heat of paper and sweat

at night –

anniversary flowers

and fruit of seasons’ machinery put aside

as a reminder –

my interval

of renewed exhaustion –

lights filtered into that function

sprung as powers off the bottom –

and lamping further returns,

a canary skirt

moonlighting as a skylight illuminates the page.

And floods

as I am the page now if cut

identity of flowers,

to be twisting my way up

canary skirt,

you can see us by their thief

and the more fun to be had –

I have another look

and dandelion identity

– a millionth tear

scything its way open, and crystal emancipation

for catches of the rose and throat

dissolved, another crime wave has swept the city

it is the wine in my feet –

to chirp and have fun,

who are stealing the way out


War or Linguistic Capering

by Vladislav Davidzon

They squawk at those around them> And squirm. Squirm and sonorize.

Squirm and sonorize for the Kashubians. For them that are tonguing my palatalized consonants–Those spokes of my lyrical lenition. Afternoon lengthening and softening gently spoke declension, bicycle through Georgetown. The Invasion of Gaza. The situation like Grimm’s Law is rooted in the Indo European fricative. Sonorization of the chance for peace is synchronically contrived. A diachronically asphyxiated aspersion. An older man shines my shoes, unto shimmering. The Simmering sonorous, with sonorous intervocalic contraction of the lingular flap, much alveolar flapping. Nascent glotallization, a glib gibbering. “Nay, they are at there end, the leather crackled.” We were appraised that the morphological routes are bustling. causative and restive. Implosion being the only possible  dilation darning the substration of autosegmental phonology.

The freckled, enthralled third, nothing yet grand or sullied. A bold partition. This or that, delights the melodic truncated cusp. Tapestry of stitched affinities, woven in racionative aduation, shading into that fated, fabled sleep. Obedience was expected. Cassirer’s beak scraping the bottom of a cup of that same poison. After the grain of happenstance Levinas told me to reconcile the ingratitude of the other to the undertaking of pure loss.

Spun of green silk. Natty balm.


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