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New York: Verso.

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Slavoj Zizek's Third Way - intro by Rex Butler and Scott Stephens

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Leave the Screen Empty!
lacanian ink 35, Spring, pp. 154-161.

History as Sci Fi: A New Cold War
Lacan dot com


Hermeneutic Delirium
lacanian ink 34, Fall, pp. 138-151.

The Palestinian Question: the Couple Fetish / Symptom
Lacan dot com

A Revolution ne s'autorise que d'elle même
Lacan dot com

Multiculturalism, the Reality of an Illusion
Lacan dot com

Denial: the Liberal Utopia
Lacan dot com

Hollywood Today: Report from an Ideological Frontline
Lacan dot com

Josephine le sinthome
lacanian ink 33, Spring, pp. 156-163.

My Own Private Austria
The Symptom 10, Spring

How to Read Lacan
Lacan dot com

Architectural Parallax; Spandrels and Other Phenomena of Class Struggle
Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC, Spring.

A Short Clarification with Ian Parker
Lacan dot com

A Plea for a Return to Différance
Lacan dot com

Excursions into Philosophy
Lacan dot com.

Why Cynics Are Wrong
Lacan dot com.

Berlusconi in Theran
LRB, July 23.


Why Lacan Is Not a Heidegerian
lacanian ink 32, Fall, pp. 134-149.

Masturbation, or Sexuality in the Atonal World
Lacan dot com

Eugene Onegin, a Portrait of a Russian Gay Gentleman
lacanian ink 31, Spring, pp. 130-141.

The Lacanian Real - Television
The Symptom 9, Summer.

Notes on Ideology
Lacan dot com.

Organs Without Bodies - Gilles Deleuze (full version)
Lacan dot com.

Confession of an Unrepentant Leninist
International Journal of Zizek Studies, Winter.

Democracy versus the People
New Statesman, August 18.

Christ, Hegel, Wagner
International Journal of Zizek Studies, Spring.

Use Your Illusions
LRB, November 14.

When Straight Means Weird and Psychosis Is Normal
Lacan dot com


From objet a to Subtraction
lacanian ink 30, Fall, pp. 130-141.

On Alain Badiou and Logiques des mondes
Lacan dot com.

Censorship Today: Violence, or Ecology as a New Opium for the Masses
Lacan dot com.

The Liberal Utopia: Against the Politics of Jouissance
Lacan dot com.

The Liberal Utopia: The Market Mechanism for the Race of Devils
Lacan dot com.

Philosophy: Spinoza, Kant, Hegel and... Badiou!
Lacan dot com.

Madness and Habit in German Idealism
Lacan dot com.

Only a Suffering God Can Save Us
Lacan dot com.

Radical Evil as a Freudian Category
Lacan dot com.

Religion between Knowledge and Jouissance
Lacan dot com.

Cogito, Madness and Religion
Lacan dot com.

Zionism and the Jewish Question
Lacan dot com.

Lacan: at What Point is He Hegelian?
Lacan dot com.

A Pervert's Guide to Family
Lacan dot com.

Do We Still Live in a World?
Lacan dot com.

"Ode to Joy," followed by Chaos and Despair
The New York Times, 12/24.

Tolerance as an Ideological Category
Critical Inquiry, Autumn

Resistance is Surrender
LRB November 15.

From Che vuoi? to Fantasy: Lacan with Eyes Wide Shut
Lacan dot com.

Troubles with the Real: Lacan as a Viewer of Alien
Lacan dot com.

Ego Ideal and Superego: Lacan as a Viewer of Casablanca
Lacan dot com.

Lacan dot com.

Gorgias, Not Plato Was the Archi-Stalinist
Lacan dot com.

A Letter Which Did Not Reach its Destination (and thereby saved the world)
Lacan dot com.

Shostakovich in Casablanca
Lacan dot com.

The Ideology of Empire and its Traps
Lacan dot com.

A Pervert's Guide to Family
Lacan dot com.

Materialism, or the Inexistence of the Big Other
lacanian ink 29, Spring, pp. 140-159.

Deleuze and the Lacanian Real
Lacan dot com.

Deleuze's Platonism: Ideas as Real
Lacan dot com.

The True Hollywood Left
Lacan dot com.

Blows Against the Empire
Lacan dot com.

Can One Really Tolerate a Neighbor?
Video - Tilton Gallery.

The Euthanasia of Tolerant Reason
Video - Tilton Gallery.

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema - 1, 2, 3
directed by Sophie Fiennes, presented by Slavoj Zizek.

Mao Zedong: the Marxist Lord of Misrule
Lacan dot com.

Robespierre or the "Divine Violence" of Terror
Lacan dot com.

Knight of the Living Dead
The New York Times, 03/24.

Denying the Facts, Finding the Truth
The New York Times, 01/05.

2006 A Letter Which Did Arrive at its Destination
lacanian ink 28, Fall, pp. 82-99.

Against the Populist Temptation
Lacan dot com.

Five Years After: the Fire in the Minds of Men
Lacan dot com.

The Cunning of Reason: Lacan as Reader of Hegel
lacanian ink 27, Spring, pp. 130-141.

The Fundamental Perversion: Lacan, Dostoyevsky, Bouyeri
lacanian ink 27, Spring, pp. 114-129.

The Parallax View

Hegel - Chesterton: German Idealism and Christianity
The Symptom, Issue 7

Badiou: Notes of an Ongoing Debate
International Journal of Zizek Studies, Fall.

Why Pragmatic Politics are Doomed to Fail in the Middle East
In These Times, August 30.

Jacques Lacan's Four Discourses
Lacan dot com.

A Glance into the Archives of Islam
Lacan dot com.

The Antinomies of Tolerant Reason
Lacan dot com.

Love Without Mercy
Video - Deitch Projects, NYC 03/10/2003
Lacan dot com, Winter.

Introduction to Zizek's "Love Without Mercy"
Video - Deitch Projects, NYC 03/10/2003
Lacan dot com, Winter.

Welcome to the Desert of the Real
Video - Tilton Gallery, NYC 11/14/2001
Lacan dot com 26, Winter.

Woman is one of the Names-of-the-Father,
or how Not to misread Lacan's formulas of sexuation

lacanian ink 10, Fall 1995.

Freud Lives!
LRB May 25.

Nobody has to be Vile
LRB April 6.

Smashing the Neighbor's Face
Lacan dot com.

Reloaded Revolutions
Lacan dot com.

Jack Bauer and the Ethics of Urgency
In These Times, January 27.

Biopolitics: Between Terri Schiavo and Guantanamo
Artforum, December 2005.

2005 Some Politically Incorrect Reflections on Violence in France & Related Matters
1. Violence, Irrational and Rational

2. The Terrorist Resentment

3. Escape from New Orleans

4. The Subject Supposed to Loot and Rape Revisited

5. C'est mon choix... to Burn Cars

6. Class Struggles in France, Again

Lacan dot com, Fall.

The De-Sublimated Object of Post-Ideology
lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 118-125.

Anxiety: Kierkegaard with Lacan
lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 102-117.

Objet a as Inherent Limit to Capitalism: on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
Lacan dot com, Fall.

The Obscenity of Human Rights: Violence as Symptom
Lacan dot com, Fall.

With or Without Passion - What's Wrong with Fundamentalism? I
Lacan dot com, Fall.

Move the Underground! - What's Wrong with Fundamentalism? II
Lacan dot com, Fall.

The Subject Supposed to Loot and Rape
In These Times, October 20.

Against Human Rights
New Left Review 34, pp 115-131.

Lenin Shot at Finland Station
LRB, August 18

Give Iranian Nukes a Chance
In These Times, August 11.

Over the Rainbow Coalition!
Lacan dot com, Spring

Against Enlightened Administration
In These Times, June 19.

The Constitution is Dead
The Guardian, June 4

The Act and its Vicissitudes
The Symptom 6, Spring

Revenge of Global Finance
In These Times, May 21.

The Pope's Failures
In These Times, April 8.

Where to Look for a Revolutionary Potential?
Adbusters, March-April

The Politics of Jouissance
lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 126-135.

Odradek as a Political Category
lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 136-153.

The Two Totalitarianisms
LRB, March 17

The Not-So-Quiet-American
In These Times, February 14.

The Empty Wheelbarrow
The Guardian, February 19

2004 Christians, Jews and Other Criminals: A Critique of Jean-Claude Milner

The Iraqi Borrowed Kettle

Henning Mankell, the Artist of the Parallax View

Are We Allowed To Enjoy Daphnée du Maurier?
Centre for Theology and Politics.

Entretien avec SZ, le nouvel philosophe
Le Nouvel Observateur, jeudi 11 novembre.

Hooray for Bush!
LRB, December 2.

The Liberal Waterloo
(Or, finally some good news from Washington)

In These Times, November 5

Will You Laugh for Me, Please

Will She Ever Die

On Divine Self-Limitation and Revolutionary Love:
an interview with Joshua Delpech-Ramey
Journal of Philosophy & Scripture, Spring.

A Cup of Decaf Reality

Jews, Christians and other Monsters
lacanian ink 23, Spring, pp 82-99.

Death's Merciless Love

On Opera: Walhalla's Frigid Joys

On Opera: La Clemenza di Tito, or the Ridiculously-Obscene Excess of Mercy

On Opera: The Sex of Orpheus

Over the Rainbow
LRB, November 4.

The Politics of Redemption: Richard Wagner
Journal of Philosophy and Scripture, Fall.

The Free World... of Slums
In These Times, September 23.

On Divine Self-Limitation and Revolutionary Love
Journal of Philosophy and Scripture, Spring.

The Ongoing Soft Revolution
Critical Inquiry 30, Winter.

Somewhere over the Rainbow
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, September 17.

A Plea for Ethical Violence
Umbr(a), 2004

LRB, September 9.

Passion in the Era of Decaffeinated Belief
The Symptom, 5, Winter

The Parallax View
New Left Review 25, pp 121-134.

Between Two Deaths
LRB, June 3.

What Rumsfeld Doesn't Know that He Knows about Abu Ghraib
In These Times May 21.

What Does Europe Want?
In These Times May 1.

Passion: Regular or Decaf?
In These Times February 27.

What Is To Be Done (with Lenin)?
In These Times January 21.

Iraq's False Promises
Foreign policy January/February.

2003 The State of Emergency Called Love
lacanian ink 21, Spring, pp 72-83.

The Iraq War. Love Without Mercy: A Fragment

The Act and its Vicissitudes
in Rosemarie Trockel, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln

Today Iraq, Tomorrow... Democracy
In These Times, March 26.

Paranoids Reflections
LRB, 3 April.

Liberation Hurts
interview with Eric Dean Rasmussen, University of Illinois at Chicago, September 29.

Ideology Reloaded
In These Times, 6 June.

How Much Democracy Is Too Much?
In These Times, 19 May.

Too Much Democracy
Columbia University, April 14.

Learning to Love Leni Riefenstahl
In These Times, 10 September.

The Marx Brother.
How a philosopher from Slovenia became an international star

Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker, May 5.

Bring Me My Philips Mental Jacket
LRB, May 22.

Homo Sacer as the Object of the University Discourse

Heiner Mueller Out of Joint

The Iraqui MacGuffin

Hitchcock's Organs Without Bodies
lacanian ink 22, Fall, pp 124-139.

Catastrophes Real and Imagined
In These Times, 28 February.

Not a desire to have him, but to be like him
LRB, 21 August.

LRB, 20 November.

2002 Homo Sacer in Afghanistan
lacanian ink 20, Spring, pp 100-113.

A Plea for Leninist Intolerance
Critical Inquiry, Winter.

Welcome to the Desert of the Real
The Symptom 2, Spring.

The Real of Sexual Difference
in Barnard, S. & Fink, B., Reading Seminar XX, New York: SUNY>

Revolution Must Strike Twice
LRB, 25 July.

Seize the Day: Lenin's Legacy
LRB, July 25.

Are We in a War? Do We Have an Enemy?
LRB, May 23.

2001 Il n'y a pas de rapport religieux
lacanian ink 18, Spring, pp 80-107.

Can Lenin Tell Us about Freedom Today?

Have Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri Rewritten the Communist Manifesto for the XXI Century?
Rethinking Marxism, vol. 13, no. 3/4.

The Only Good Neighbour is a Dead Neighbour!
lacanian ink 19, Fall, pp 82-103.

The Desert and the Real
lacan.com, September 17.

The Desert and the Real II
In These Times, 29 October.

Self-Deceptions. On Being Tolerant and Smug
Die Gazette, Israel, 27 August.

The One Measure of True Love is "You Can Insult the Other"
Spiked, 17 November.

2000 Desert of the Real
lacanian ink 16, Spring, pp 64-81.

No Sex Please! We Are Post-Humans

Why We All Love to Hate Heider
New Left Review 2, March-April, pp 37-45

From Proto-Reality to the Act
Centre for Theology and Politics

Postface: Georg Lukacs as the philosopher of Leninism
in Lukacs G., A Defence of History and Class Consciousness, London: Verso.

Lacan between Cultural Studies and Cognitivism
Umbr(a), pp 9-32.

Run, Isolde, Run
lacanian ink 17, Fall, pp 78-99.

Ideological Fraud
The National Interest, Washington, Winter.

1999 Femininity Between Goodness And Act
lacanian ink 14, Spring, pp 26-40.

Laugh Yourself to Death: the new wave of Holocaust comedies!
Lunds Universitet, December 15.

The Thing from Inner Space
Mainview, September.

You May
LRB, March 18.

Against The Double Blackmail

@ r k z ! n
Slavoj Zizek's: "The Spectre Is Still Roaming Around"

CTheory: Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality
A Conversation with Slavoj Zizek.

NATO, the Left Hand of God
Nettime, June 29.

lacanian ink 15, Fall, pp 98-107.

The Matrix, or, the Two Sides of Perversion
Inside the Matrix: International Symposium, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, October 28

Attempt to Escape the Logic of Capitalism
LRB, October 28.

When the Party Commits Suicide
New Left Review 238, Nov.-Dec., pp 26-47

Human Rights and its Discontents
Olin Auditorium, Bard College, November 16.

1998 The Lesbian Session
lacanian ink 12, Spring, pp 58-69.

For a Leftist Appropriation of the European Legacy
Journal of Political Ideologies, February

The Interpassive Subject
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Traverses
French version

Risk society and its discontents
Historical Materialism 2, pp 143-64.

A Leftist Plea for Eurocentrism
Critical Inquiry, Summer

Psychoanalysis and Post-Marxism: the case of Alain Badiou
The South Atlantic Quaterly, Spring

From "Passionate Attachments" to Dis-identification
Umbr(a), 1998.

Kant And Sade: The Ideal Couple
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Hysteria And Cyberspace
Interview with Slavoj Zizek.

1997 The Supposed Subject Of Ideology
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From Joyce-the-Symptom to the Symptom of Power
lacanian ink 11, Fall, pp 12-25.

The Big Other Doesn't Exist
Journal of European psychoanalysis, Spring-Fall.

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Desire: Drive = Truth: Knowledge
Umbr(a), pp 147-152.

1996 Re-visioning "Lacanian" social criticism: The Law & its obscene double
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Love beyond Law
Centre for Theology and Politics.

There Is No Sexual Relationship, Wagner As A Lacanian
New German Critique, Fall, pp 7-35.

1995 "Woman is One of the Names-of-the-Father"
lacanian ink 10, Fall, pp 24-39.

Reflections of Media, Politics and Cinema
interview by Geert Lovink, Inter Communication no. 14

The Audiovisual Contract - Noise Surrounding Reality
Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Philosophie, pp 521-533.

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interview by Josefina Ayerza, Lusitania vol.II no.4

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1990 Eastern Europe Republics Of Gilead
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The Logic Of The Detective-Novel
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The Detective And The Analyst - The Shift From Detective-Story To Detective-Novel In The 1920s
Literature and Psychology, pp 27-46.

1989 Looking Awry - Pornography
October, Fall, pp 31-55.


Books and articles on SZ:

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