1. Alex Kayser Interviews Gala by Alex Kayser
2. Alex Kayser by Josefina Ayerza
3. Being is Desire by Jacques-Alain Miller
4. Artice, The Other Side of Fiction by Marie-Hélène Brousse
5. The Réveil (Awakening) from the Réve (Dream) by Eric Laurent
6. Lacanian Biology and the Event of the Body - Part I byJacques-Alain Miller
7. Lacanian Biology and the Event of the Body - Part II by Jacques-Alain Miller
8. Ashley Hope's Lustmord by Josefina Ayerza
9. Urs Fischer - Unmonumental? by Josefina Ayerza
10. Jason Rhoades - "Le sexe de l'art est une narration" by Josefina Ayerza
11. Sarah Lucas's Self-Portraits by Josefina Ayerza


1. The Desire of Lacan by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Ethics in Psychoanalysis by Jacques-Alain Miller
3. It Doesn't Have to Be a Jew Josefina Ayerza interviews Slavoj Žižek
4. Der Spiegel interview 1966, Martin Heidegger
5. Jünger: Soldier, Worker, Rebel, Anarch by Alain de Benoist
6. Correspondence Between Ernst Jünger and Martin Heidegger
7. Surplus-Jouissance by
Slavoj Žižek
8. A Sophism of Courtly Love by Éric Laurent
9. Prized Possession by David Ebony
10. The Not-All by Darian Leader
11. Saturday Night Fever by Catherine Liu
12. Gender and Sexuation by Richard Klein
13. Wet Fear by Adrian Dannatt
14. Infancy Boys/Girls by Germán L. García
15. Three Conclusions by Raphael Rubinstein
16. Anything Can Happen to a Body by Barbara Einzig
17. Secret Celebration by Josefina Ayerza
18. What Remains by Max Blagg
19. What is a picture? by Josefina Ayerza
20. Vintage
21. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza


1. By a Window Overlooking Baltimore by Josefina Ayerza
2. Reflections on the Formal Envelope of the Symptom
by Jacques-Alain Miller
3. Kant as Theoretician of Vampirism
by Slavoj Zizek
4. Love's Labyrinths
by Jacques-Alain Miller
5. Obsessions by
Jean-Guy Godin
6. In Quest of the Oulipo by
Harry Mathews
7. Angel Atrapado X by
John Yau
8. Believe It or Not by
Michael Turnheim
9. The Weight of Words by
Yasmine Grasser
10. Americans, still one more Effort... by
Josefina Ayerza
11. Sacrifice and our Destiny by
Armand Zaloszycn
12. Why does a Letter always arrive at its Destination? by
Slavoj Zizek
13. The Lesbian Session by
Slavoj Zizek
14. To Begin With by
Josefina Ayerza
15. To Resume... by
Josefina Ayerza
16. To Resume Again... by
Josefina Ayerza
17. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza

1. Reading Jacques Lacan’s Seminar on Anxiety by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. The Presumed Third Sex by Pierre-Gilles Gueguen
3. Hegel’s Logic as a Theory of Ideology by
Slavoj Zizek
4. The Age of Bartlebies: Lacanian Family Therapy and Refusing Adolescents by
Janne Kurki
5. The Case of Auntie Lady
by Josefina Ayerza
6. How much do you want to see?
Richard Kern
7. To Interpret the Cause: From Freud to Lacan by
Jaques-Alain Miller
8. Moments of Crisis by by
Gil Caroz
9. Comme des Garçons by
Josefina Ayerza
10. The Mother-Daughter relationship after Lacan by
Nancy Barton
11. The Nightmare of Plenitude by
Nancy Barton
12. Drawings by
Nortbert Buse
13. The Uncanny by
John Friedland
14. Scum Soufflé and Lacan's ISR Triad: A Theoretical Lesson for Subversives by
Frank Smecker
15. The Navel of the Dream: Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void by
Jared Russell
16. A Feminine Academic by
Jared Russell
17. The Pére-version of the Political in the Case of Denis Lortie by
Wolfram Bergande
18. Lacan Quotidien in English
19. To Interpret the Cause: From Freud to Lacan by
Jacques-Alain Miller
20. In Memoriam Federico Gonzalez by Alchemical Texts
21. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza




1. Une saison chez Lacan (Ch 5) by Pierre Rey
2. Styles of Life by
Éric Laurent
3. When the Image Makes Itself Destiny
by Marie-Helene Brousse
4. Marriage, Divorce, and Company by
Pierre-Gilles Gueguen
5. From Symptom to Fantasy and Back
by Jacques-Alain Miller
6. What Lacan Thought Women Knew: The Real and the Symptom
by Ellie Ragland
7. The Paradox
by Shahriar Vaghfipour
8. Phallic Convection and the Psychotic as Unsexed
by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
9. Nervenanhang, Nerve-annexation
byJosefina Ayerza
10. Organicity
by John Wallace
11. Introduction to Encore
by Francois Regnault
12. The Real of Violence, Cynicism, and the "Right of Distress"
by Slavoj Zizek
13. The Experience of the Real in Psychoanalysis
by Jacques-Alain Miller
14. This is Not a Vanitas--Damien Hirst, a Close Look
by Gerard Wacjman
15. Diary Entry, 3 January 2009: War or Linguistic Capering
by Vladislav Davidzon
16. Art After Lacan
by Francois Regnault
17. Beckett After Joyce // Sinthome as Symptom
by Rodney Sharkey
18. A Story From Lacan's Practice

19. Femininity Between Goodness and Act
by Slavoj Zizek
20. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza


1. Joyce avec Lacan—Préface by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Medusa by
Nancy Barton
3. The Certainty of Hysteria
by Éric Laurent
4. Magic and the Link Compliment of the Borromean Rings in America by
Albert Herter
5. The Scene of Twoby
Alain Badiou
6. Exposed Intimacy, Extorted Intimacyby
Gérard Wajcman
7. His Master's Voiceby
Mladen Dolar
8. Lacan, Americanby
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
9. Castellucci Foreverby
Marie-Hélène Brousse
10. Femininity, the Sexual, Hysteriaby
11. Autism: An Ethical Stake for Our Timeby
Mario Goldenberg
12. The Costs of Foolish Immigration Restrictions by
Richard Kostelanetz
13. Fetishes—Fetishby
Roger Wartel
14. There is no sexual relationby
Josefina Ayerza
15. Who Comes After the Actby
Kjell Soleim
16. The Albanian Objectby
Timothy Lachin
17. Workings of Loveby
Shahriar Vaghfipour
18. Oedipus Times Twoby
Kai Hammermeister
19. Testimony of the Pass in New Yorkby
Mauricio Tarrab
20. The Ethics of Hysteria & Psychoanalysisby
Vicente Palomera
21. Matrixby
Jacques-Alain Miller
22. The Lesbian Sessionby
Slavoj Zizek
23. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza

1. The Non-Existent Seminar by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Lacan's Prophecies
by Jacques-Alain Miller
3. Boris Groys: Communist Art Historian
by Rex Butler
4. Towards a New Concept of Existence
by Alain Badiou
5. Why the Idea and Why Communism?
by Slavoj Zizek
6. M
by François Regnault
7. Thoughts about the Current Forms of the Impossible to Teach
by Eric Laurent
8. Tattoos
by Timothy Lachin
9. Why it's Fun Being a Girl: Witnessing Adolescence in Charlie White
by Anne Swartz
10. Mysteries of Love
by Chiara Mangiarotti
11. The Text of Revenge
by Olga Kirillova
12. Drawing
by Alain Badiou
13. Psychoanalysis and Negative Dialectics
by Philip Pilkington
14. Benjamin, Adamite Language and Pastiche Master
byShahriar Vaghfipour
15. A Letter which did Arrive at its Destination
by Slavoj Zizek
16. The Rio School Massacre
by Mario Goldenberg
17. Accumulator
by Kenneth White
18. The Concept of Love in Buster Keaton's Films
by Martin Egge
19. Barthes' The Neutral
read by Egan Frantz
20. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza

1. The Non-Existent Seminar by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Two Clinical Dimensions: Symptom and Fantasm
by Jacques-Alain Miller
3. Psychoanalyses and Music
by François Regnault
4. The Formulas of l'Étourdit
by Alain Badiou
5. Deleuze and the Lacanian Real
by Slavoj Zizek
6. Blundering Around, Pondering Aloud
by Albert Herter
7. Of the Disparity in Love
by Eric Laurent
8. The Courage of Obscurantism
by Alain Badiou
9. A Very Natural Woman
by Marina Lusa
10. Paranoid Park and the Secret
by Mario Goldenberg
11. On Women and the Phallus
by Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
12. Obama as Dubya in Disguise
by Richard Kostelanetz
13. Going in Circles
by Josefina Ayerza
14. Uses of the Neurosciences for Psychoanalysis
byÉric Laurent
15. The Neighbor in Burka
by Slavoj Zizek
16. Oscura Estampa
by Julia Goldenberg
17. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza

1. The Chiasm of Revolution by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Action of the Structure
by Jacques-Alain Miller
3. Interview with Jacques Derrida
by Jean-Luc Nancy
Lacan and Gödel by Richard Klein
5. My Own Private Austri a
by Slavoj Zizek
6. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan
by Bruce Fink
7. My Own Private Austria
by Slavoj Zizek
8. Inhibition, Heautoscopy, Movement
by Maire Jaanus
9. The Short Session
by Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
10. A Pound of Flesh
by Charles Shepherdson
11. Ordinary Psychosis: in the era of the sinthome and semblant
by Thomas Svolos
12. Science and Truth: an Introduction I
by Dylan Evans
13. Drawing the Impossible
by Jamieson Webster
14. Psychoanalysis and Science
by Eric Laurent
15. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan
by Bruce Fink
16. On a Finally Objectless Subject
by Alain Badiou
17. Interview with Jacques Derrida
by Jean-Luc Nancy
18. Action of the Structure
by Jacques-Alain Miller
19. Another Lacan
by Jacques-Alain Miller
20. A Monster Found Everywhere
by Shariar Vaghfipour
21. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza

1. Elements of Epistemology by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Extimity
by Jacques-Alain Miller
3. Philosophy as Biography
by Alain Badiou
4. Political Texts - The University in the New Reich
by Martin Heidegger
5. Heidegger's Existentialism: Political Implications
by Karl Löwitz
6. The Dimensions of Art: Udi Aloni's Forgiveness
by Alain Badiou
7. The Lacanian Real: Television
by Slavoj Zizek
8. Towards a Theory of the Tenured Class
by Richard Kostelanetz
9. The Performative: from Ordinary Conventions to the Real
by Raoul Moati
10. Text as Morphological Excess
by Adrian Switzer
11. Some Remarks on Marcel Duchamp
by Alain Badiou
12. Learning from Las Vegas
by Johannes Thumfart
13. Féminin singulier: Saintes et exilés
by Cristina Alvares
14. Heidegger and Lacan
by Janne Kurki
15. Sex is Surface: Ontology and the Play of Signification
by Jared Russell
16. ¿Dios ha muerto?
by Mario Goldenberg
17. The Florenskian-Iconic as Lacanian
by Joseph Masheck
18. Derrida on the Couch: the Perversity of Deconstruction
by Michael Williams
19. Visions of Excess
by Kenneth White
20. Ser es ser mediático
by Julia Goldenberg
21. Editorial by Josefina Ayerza
1. Suture: elements of the logic of the signifierby Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Cinema and Suture
by Jean-Pierre Oudart
3. Notes on Suture
by Stephen Heath
4. Philosophy as Creative Repetition
by Alain Badiou
5. The Treatment of the Wolf Child
by Rosine and Robert Lefort
6. A Father in the Cut
by Chiara Mangiarotti
7. The Phallus is a Signifier
by Ian Parker
8. Intime exposé, intime extorqué
by Gérard Wajcman
9. Amores y muerte de Virginia Wolf
by Silvia Tendlarz
10. L'incubo di un mondo senza Dio
by Marco Focchi
11. Lightening Ontology
by Adrian Johnston
12. The Future of Another Illusion
by Anonymous
13. Kant with Califia
by Yeng-Yin Lai
14. Perversion and the Sacred
by V.W. Lloyd
15. The Scream of Miss Julie
by Dominique Ficalora
16. Antigone and Kurtz
by Gray Kane
17. Beauty and the Satiric
by Matt Lau
18. Mel Gibson at the Serbsky Institute
by Slavoj Zizek
1. The Symptom: Knowledge, Meaning and the Real by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Counter-transference is the Symptom of the Analyst by
Thomas Svolos
3. Inquiètude qui viens by
Armand Zaloszyc
4. Pastoute, lettre, science by
Cristina Alvares
5. Conjeturas sobre el psicoanálisis en el siglo XXI by
Gustavo Dessal
6. Time Enough for Countin' by
Allan Pero
7. Mechanistics, Grammar & the Locality of Thought by
Louis Armand
8. Mother, I by
Chris Tysch
9. Translating the Transference by
Patrick Cole Hogan
10. Lisi by
James E. Gorney
11. Frau K and Dora by
Dona Lopez
12. Play Fuckin' Loud: Zizek versus the Left by
Rex Butler and Scott Stephens
13. Art's Imperative: Speaking the Unspeakable by
Alain Badiou
14. Welcome to the Desert of the Real - The Video by
Slavoj Zizek
15. Love Without Mercy - The Video by
Slavoj Zizek
16. Hegel - Chesterton: German Idealism and Christianity by
Slavoj Zizek

1. A and a in Clinical Structures by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Affects by
Stuart Schneiderman
3. Conducting the Hysteric's Cure by
Michel Silvestre
4. Obsession: A Name of the Super Ego by
Dominique Miller
5. The Taste of Dasein by
Janna Kurki
6. Interview with Butch Morris by
Alessandro Cassin
7. Le Tre Estetiche Di Lacan by
Massimo Recalcati
8. Dora and the Name of the Father by
Ellie Ragland-Sullivan
9. The Technique of Lacanian Psychoanalysis by
Anna Shane
10. The Subject of Art by
Alain Badiou
11. The Indiscrete Language and the Unrepeatable by
Marco Focchi
12. The Act and its Vicissitudes by
Slavoj Zizek

the symptom issue 5 gif

1. Σ(x) by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. The Conformity of Perversion by
Kirsten Hyldgaard
3. "Let's Bury a Few Liberals!" by
Alex Betancourt-Serrano
4. Regard, incarnation et paternité dans Corps du roi, de
Pierre Michon. La Photo de Faulkner
Christina Alvares
5. The Use of Perversion: Secretary or the Piano Teacher
Frances L. Restuccia
6. Entrevista a Jorge Aleman by
Massimo Recalcati
7. Entravista a Alain Badiou by
Julia Goldenberg
8. The Cyclops & the Gnomon by
Louis Armand
9. Caso Clinico by
Paula Contreras
10. Vanishing by
Jaime Delgadillo Miranda
11. A Study in the Suicide of Selfhood by
Paul Murphy
12. El Psicoanalisis en el Siglo XXI by
Damasia Amadeo
13. Passion in the Era of Decaffeinated Belief by
Slavoj Zizek

the symptom issue 4 gif

1. H2O: Suture in Obsessionality by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. The Hysteric's Discourse by
Gérard Wajcman
3. Diagnostiches Lexikon by
Sigmund Freud
4. Celine's Ultimate Focalization by
David Hayman
5. Negation and its Reliabilities by
Robert Pfaller
6. J'accuse?: A Critical Approach to Jacques Derrida's
Speculation on Freud
Alex Betancourt-Serrano
7. The Semiotics of Schreber's Memoirs: Sign, Sinthome and Play
Janet Lucas
8. Contemporary Sexuality and its Discontents by
Matthew Sharpe
9. Transgressional Phenomena: A Psychological Heritage
Jaime Delgadillo Miranda
10. Like a Lizard that Junks its Tail in Distress
Pithamber R. Polsani
11. Torture - A Presence without an Absence by
Eric Harper
12. Her or: the Lost Object: A film Project by
Alan Fair
13. In his Bold Gaze My Ruin is Writ Large by
Slavoj Zizek

the symptom issue 3 gif

1. The Effect of the Subject in the Psychoses by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Fatherhood and Naming in J.Lacan's Works by
François Sauvagnat
3. Non-Existence and Sexual Identity by
Adrian Johnston
4. The Dream-Interpretation and the Dark Continent of Femininity by
Paul Murphy
5. The Symptom in the Machine: Lacan, Joyce, Sollers by
Louis Armand
6. Showing in Disguise: The Subject's Perspective by
Anuradha Bhattacharyya
7. Lacan, Foucault: el debate sobre el "construccioniesmo" by
Jorge Aleman
8. La Lingua Indiscreta e L'Irritepetibile by
Marco Focchi
9. The Interpassive Subject by
Slavoj Zizek

the symptom issue 2 gif

1. A Contribution of the Schizophrenic to
the Psychoanalytic Clinic
Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Highly Speculative Reasoning on the Concept of Democracy
Alain Badiou
3. The Forced Choice of Enjoyment by
Adrian Johnston
4. If the French Lieutenant Never Existed by
Olga Kirillova
5. Lead in the Looking Glass by
Jack Bedell
6. The Insistence of Lacan on Woman as the Letter by
M.A. Franks
7. Hamlet/Machine by
Louis Armand
8. The Taming of the Real by
Frances L. Restuccia
9. Lacan, Kojve und Las meninas von Velázquez by
Wolfram Bergande
10. Welcome to the Desert of the Real by
Slavoj Zizek

the symptom issue 1 gif

1. Drive is Parole by Jacques-Alain Miller
2. Some Moral Failings Called Depression by
Pierre Skriabine
3. The Conflicts of the Obsessional Neurotic by
Christian Kupke
4. A Cage Went in Search of a Bird by
David Ratmoko
5. El legado de Freud by
Mario Goldenberg
6. Le Mort Qui Parle: Communication and Jouissance in Mathematics by
Cristiano Husu
7. Auster's Austerity by
Alejandra Glaze
8. Past and Future of Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry by
Thomas Svolos
9. Photographie et Réel by
Cristina Alvares
10. Can Lenin Tell Us about Freedom Today ? by
Slavoj Zizek